What would you say if I asked you: what does it mean to be a girl boss?

There is no dictionary definition for this so let it be your own definition. Do you have an idea of what it means to you?

The truth is: being a girl boss to me means a million different things and looks different on a million different women!

This is not a one size fits all kinda thing.

Maybe you work 100+ hours in your biz or maybe you work ten!

Maybe your business is 20% of your vision for your life, maybe it’s 90%.

The trick is to align the things you’re doing + the way you are showing up with your greater vision + no one else’s dreams.

So how do you create a business that is aligned to your unique vision? Here are my top tips…

Really feel into your goals


Start with how you want to feel. Envision a day in your dream life + business + how you would feel in it + then use those feelings to create some heart centred goals for yourself.

The first step to achieving these goals, + creating alignment in your business, is to acknowledge what they are really about for you. After all, how can you bring them to life if you’re not clear on what they mean to you?

Don’t forget why you started


Amongst the hustle + dreaming + scheming, it can be easy to find yourself doing a lot each day. It may be towards a bigger vision, your intentions are aligned + clear + you have your eyes on the prize. However along the way you’ve stopped checking in with how you’re feeling right now. You’ve forgotten why you started this passion project, business or way of living.

It wasn’t so that someday you would feel the way you dream of feeling, it wasn’t about working your ass off now to reap the rewards later. It was to live in alignment everyday. To make choices on the daily that serve you. To feel the way you want to feel today!

I know it gets hard and, at times, distracting. It can also feel far away + easier to keep striving for the one day, rather then to live it now. But darling, this IS your life right now + that is what you need to focus your time + energy on.

Two questions I share with my clients to help them reconnect and check in with themselves in their businesses regularly are:

Is this in alignment with my life vision?

Is this in alignment with who I truly am?

Look at what you’re doing + saying yes to in your business + ask yourself these questions, use your answers to help guide you back to what is really important for you RIGHT NOW!

Set your non-negotiables


I start my day with a cup of coffee + sit silently on my couch, slowly awakening to the day, letting my body + mind get ready. This routine is a non-negotiable. My body deserves this time – so I provide it every single day. Routine can be so grounding + helps us to have a rhythm + flow between work + rest. Not only that but this routine helps keep me aligned + doing the tasks that feel good to me!

What is it that is your non negotiable? Your thing you need before you start the day?

Be clear on your non-negotiables + make space for them in every day.

Design your life


I believe that we can all design a life that makes us want to jump out of bed in the morning. This is the very same concept in which my vision for DHL was based on!

So tell me:

When you’re an 80 year old woman, what life do you want to look back on?

What will you wish you had done?

Who + what will matter to you then?

These are the kinds of questions to be asking yourself as you think about the kind of life you want to be living. They will help remind you what alignment means to you!

What I’m really trying to say is this…

Say yes to the things that make you feel good + leave the rest.

Do life + business on your own terms darling heart, make it yours!

If you’re ready to create a business that is in true alignment with your vision + dream lifestyle then book your free Heart to Heart consult + let’s get started lady.