Article by Samantha Wheatley

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Why do you need them?

Soothing rituals provide structure and a framework that can guide you throughout your day and keep you grounded and mindful when things get busy and you may feel disconnected from your body + soul.

Being connected to your body can give you a way to directly communicate with the ultimate wisdom, your own.

And being connected to your body gives you a feeling of being in the moment rather than somewhere else (we are often somewhere else in our heads as we are thinking so much about what we need to do next rather than where we are now).

You may find that creating soothing rituals for yourself can help you to stay in your body and to feel more in control of how your day unfolds. You are able to choose what you do and how you feel each day, and having some soothing rituals in place means that you have little reminders every now and then to pay attention, be still, and connect to your wisdom within.

It’s certainly not easy to go through a day and be conscious every minute of how you feel. We all get caught up in our heads and often don’t stop to connect (and by connect I mean be in your body and listen and feel what it is communicating to you).

We all need reminders that our self-care is important and that is why creating soothing rituals for yourself can be so grounding and nourishing for your body, mind and soul.

Remember that we all have 24 hours in each day; we all have the same amount of time. It’s how we choose to spend it that makes the difference.

These are a few soothing rituals for solopreneurs to ensure you are tending to your self-care. They don’t have to be elaborate or complicated, just what feels good for you. If you can find even one thing to add to your day that will remind you to check in with how your body feels then you will feel so much better for it.


As you wake up, know that the first thing you will do is sit in the silence and the dark and savour a hot drink. As you sip your tea start to see in your mind what you have planned for the day ahead. Imagine each part of your day and also let your body feel the feelings that you are choosing to feel. By doing this you are setting your intentions for the day, not only your actions but your feelings too. This is a beautiful practice that I learnt from my favourite spiritual teacher Louise Hay, she talks about her own routines and rituals in her book (my favourite book of all time!) You Can Heal Your Life.

This only takes a few minutes. You can have your children getting up and ready for school as you are doing this, teach them that this is your time to sit quietly. If they want to come in for a cuddle they know to do it silently because you have told them. (This is really important for all you beautiful mums as you are setting a great example of self-care by choosing this time for yourselves and letting the children know that it’s ok to do so).


During the day you may be spending a good portion of time inside seeing clients, running groups or writing. A beautiful break from this is to include stepping outside. If you have a particularly busy day you may often not even realise that you have spent all day indoors. So, give yourself the gift of feeling the sun on your face as you take a big breath of fresh air, this is a ritual you can easily incorporate into your everyday. You will feel uplifted as soon as you walk outside.

Standing out in nature and just looking up to the sky has the potential to make a world of difference to how you are feeling in that moment. If you are feeling stuck, or tired or just a bit flat, this one little thing can turn it all around and leave you feeling refreshed and renewed. If you are not pushed for time you could even go for a wander through your garden or up the street and take in the trees and flowers and birds. If you have animals, a cuddle with a fur baby always does wonders to uplift you.

✖️  BATH

Having a bath can be a beautiful calming way to connect back in with your body after a busy day. The feeling of your body immersed in water is so soothing and nourishing. If you take the time to totally relax in this state you will feel calm and at peace, the benefits can last for hours afterwards. This may not be something you have time for daily but when you do, try to make it a ritual with a gorgeous scented candle, a good book, cup of tea and some nourishing essential oils. If you can, bathe when you are home alone and let yourself really sink into the silence. Leave the windows open so you can listen to the birds or the rain if it’s falling. Tune into your senses to feel completely in the moment.

Today, do something just for you. Take some time to sit quietly with a cuppa, or go for a short walk and take some photos with your phone, or do a set of stretches, or put on your headphones and listen to your music, or dig in the garden, or… whatever you want to do for you.

Try out different things to see what lights you up inside. We are not all wired the same, we have different interests and passions and so the same goes for our rituals. If we take the time to notice what we love, what makes us feel good, then we can create the time and space to do more of that.

I’d love to know lovely lady, do you have any set rituals that soothe you? Or would you like to create some? Please share away in the comments below!


Samantha is an Intuitive Life Coach for women who are seeking inner peace. She loves to teach and mentor women in the areas of self-love, confidence and getting in touch with their intuitive selves.

Helping them to find clarity and uncover the self-love that they’ve been missing from their life so that they can reach that beautiful calm inner place that helps them to be happy, healthy and whole.