“On the other side of fear is where the magic happens”


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Wow what a roller coaster of emotions I have been through over the last week leading up to my first ever guest speaking event (Of course I didn’t go small for it either, it was an interactive full day workshop and I had to speak for an hour).

Now I am very self-aware and know my ‘mean girl’ well, I’m also quite friendly with fear, so I am able to identify when they are trying to jump in the driver’s seat and take me off course. Yet that doesn’t stop them from trying. Thoughts and feelings having been on overdrive and at times made me doubt myself.

Luckily I knew how to coach myself through it and pulled out my favourite go-to-tools out of my life tool belt (I will be sharing a post this week with what those are) and with those, I was able to anchor back into my heart, my intuition and my why.

My heart tells me to believe in myself, with every beat, it reminds me of the gift that is my life. When I quieten the chatter and come back into my heart, I can then move forward from a loving place.

My Intuition is my inner guidance (Oprah calls it your spiritual GPS, which I love), the deepest part of me that I believe is connected to my soul. It is the part of me that already knows the way and will guide me if I just let it. 

My why, is just that, the reminder of why I am doing this. Why I am here. My why, is really my message to the world. 

Every time I came back into that space I was able to take another step forward.

Flash to me having the best time of my life, sharing my heart out, from a little of my personal story through to heart centred goals, inspired action, celebrating and being proud of yourself.

I thought I would stand in the one spot and have to read most of it and was afraid that when someone asked me a question I would stumble or not have the answer and yet from the moment I stepped up there and realised this wasn’t about me or my ‘stuff’ and I was just here to share the message, everything flowed, and I ended up sharing unscripted words of wisdom, I worked the room, walking around, doing live coaching as I helped these amazing, open-hearted women get clear on how it is they really want to feel.

Diving into their hearts desires, going deeper into their feelings, setting inspired action steps for them to move forward in the direction of their dreams and making sure they take the time to acknowledge all they have done, be proud of where they are and celebrate it along the way.

As I looked around and saw smiling faces, nodding heads and women writing their heart centred goals …

Honestly standing up there was like having an outer body experience or maybe it was actually a completely inward body experience, when you are so connected to your soul and your purpose that you are almost not even aware of anything else.

Imagine if I had let fear or my mean girl stop me from finding this magic?

I will never again allow the fear of something that ‘could’ happen take over the place of something that should.

Because there is SO MUCH goodness I want to share with you about this experience I’ve decided to make it a 2 part series so the second part will be up on the blog tomorrow where you can find out more of my insights + lessons + high fives from my first ever speaking gig.

In the meantime I’d love to hear about a time when you chose love over fear and found the magic? Please share your experiences in the comments below. ♡

Big Love

Amy xx

Image credit: Jann Del Mar Photography