Alchemy; a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination.

Alchemy is defined as the process of taking something ordinary and turning it into something extraordinary, sometimes in a way that cannot be explained.


Your Audio Invitation to In’her’ Alchemy

Press play to hear my personal invitation to you, while you go for a sacred scroll through the words I have written to share a glimpse into the in’her’ alchemy experience. 

Hi there beautiful,

Welcome to your invitation to step into, deepen and expand your own in’her’ alchemy journey.


You are here to continue rising sweetheart!!

I see you. That soft, vulnerable, strong, resilient, deep, passionate, giving, driven, uncertain but unshakeable womxn within – yep I see all of her.

With dreams so big they scare her.
With a knowing that her life was meant for more.
With the heart aching desire to be of service to those around her.

Also with the questions of:

Am I enough?
Who am I to do this?
What will other people think? (the question that kills way too many dreams).

That beautiful womxn within who wants so much for herself and all of those around her. 

Who wants her life to have meaning, to leave a legacy and pave the way for others but gets tripped up by her own mind.

The womxn who can see greatness in everyone around her but doubts her own abilities and strengths.

It’s her that I see and love.
It’s her that I know I can lift up higher than ever before.
It’s her that I believe in with all of my heart.


I know you recognise her. That womxn within. She is you and you are her. It’s time!

Because your work is not to change who you are to fit into the world, but to truly see yourself for the incredible, capable, valuable, deeply loved, powerful and divine person that you already are.

Your work is not take on the perceptions of those around you, but to come home to yourself again and again. To listen to your own inner guidance and let you heart lead the way.

Your work is not to harden against the world that has hurt you but instead to soften into your souls truth. Letting your sensitivities become your superpowers. Allowing your experiences to help you to expand.

Darling heart you are not here to keep playing by their rules, you are here to show the world another way. You are here to ignite a fire of change. To be a guiding light of truth. 

But first you must start from within. 

See yourself and the world around you will change.


We will spend time:

X Activating and anchoring into new ways of being
AND serving that are aligned with YOU!
X Holding space for the inner workings and integrations to happen
– because remember it’s a sacred process babe.
X Tuning into your truth and tapping into all that makes you, you!
X Expanding your beliefs and both your inner and outer reality.
X Getting sacred with your beautiful self, both in simple and supercharged ways.



We will explore:

X A beautiful combination of self and soul work.
X Both the practical and spiritual tools and resources available to support you.
X Blending modalities of energy work, intuitive downloads, coaching, heart led business building and sacred strategy to take you deeper and further
in all areas of your life, work and relationships.
X Transforming from the inside, out, into the womxn you
already are but haven’t fully claimed yet.
X The unseen and unspoken thoughts, beliefs and big dreams
– we are going to go to the places you’ve not even let yourself imagine!


We will make magic happen:

X 12 deep and power filled months AWAKENING, ACTIVATING and AMPLIFYING ALL of you – in life, business and everything in between.
X Leaving no words unsaid and no stone unturned, we are going to go DEEP
into the earthy, messy, shadow parts of yourself to unlock the
lightest and brightest parts of you too.
X We are going to shake up your inner world, make shift happen and honour the full spectrum of WHO YOU TRULY ARE!


 Are you ready to let go of what’s holding you back darling heart?  

 Are you ready to shine your light more brightly than ever before?  

 Are you ready to activate and (re)claim your inner power?   

 Are you ready to master your beautiful blend of magic and share it with the world?  

 Are you ready to step up as the leader, teacher and lightworker you were born to be?  

In’her’ Alchemy will be a seemingly magical process of transformation but by the end you will know that it was in fact YOU that held the magic the whole time.


☽ You will feel empowered and both spiritually and practically equipped for the highest version of your reality.

☽ Your sacred practices combined with soul infused strategies will lift you higher than you ever thought possible.

☽ Your level of presence, passion and power will be TURNED UP and you will be TURNED ON (in every way)!

☽ In’her’ Alchemy is calling for brave, big hearted, badass womxn who are desiring a deeper connection to themselves.

☽ You’re ready to commit to the next level of your inner work knowing it will elevate and amplify everything you do externally.

☽ You want to transform the way you show up in the world, how you see and hold yourself and the ways in which you can serve through your own blend of magic.


Is she calling to you?


A little about me as a coach and space holder…

Hi I’m Amy Mackenzie, the founder of Designing her Life.
I am a full-of-heart but hold-no-punches life and business coach, activator and magic maker.

I absolutely love working as a mentor and personal cheerleader for sensitive, soulful and seriously passionate womxn who are doing deep self work while stepping up in their souls work. 

I combine a beautiful blend of intuitive guidance, street smarts, strategy and coaching to help unleash your extraordinary woman within. With a unique way of being able to really see ‘her’, the woman behind the biz, I am able to deeply support my clients in moving through all that may be holding them back, honour their deepest calling and build a beautiful life and business in the process.

I work with big hearted women who are called to live a life with more meaning and want to leave a legacy through who they are and the (soul) work that they do. It is their fears of being seen, being judged, being ‘too much’ or ‘not enough’ that have kept them playing small – until now!

Through my guidance, you will feel ready to let your woman within lead the way, play in your power and shine more brightly than ever before in both life and business.

My heart dances between my business, travelling the world, soulful conversations and making memories with my loved ones.


“I believe that life is about the journey, as much as the destination and that is especially important to remember when you’re a woman on a mission to change the world.”

Your In’her’ Alchemy package includes:

The Entrepreneurs Journey

12 months of 1:1 high level self and soul support.

Full access to me both within sessions and also unlimited voxer support in between for extra conversations and a deeper level of connection and support.

Hustle With Heart

Intuitive life and business coaching.

18 x 75 minute intuitive life + business coaching sessions. This is where we will dive deep, hold sacred space for ALL of you to be seen, held and heard and also explore tools, techniques and strategies to lift you up while supporting you to expand in the ways you most need to (because it’s not always in the ways we expect or envision).

Solopreneurs Unite Mini Mastermind

Sacred strategy and support sessions.

6 x 90 minute Soul and Sacred Strategy Sessions. We will get sacred and savvy with your strategy, mapping out content and creations and put the practical to your magic. 

Solopreneur Society

Audios and Activations.

Amplify your learnings, awakenings and inner power with an intuitive range of audios and activations created and customised to support you in your unique in’her’ alchemy journey! 


A play in your power intuitive reading.

1 x 75 minute intuitive and energetic reading designed to use visualisation, energy frequency and intuitive guidance to share messages and truths to support you in playing in your power.


All access pass.

12 months all access pass to resources, templates and courses* created during our time working together, because I want you to feel completely nourished, supported and loved on and like nothing is out of reach for your sacred success journey.

And yes the all access pass will include my 2 upcoming courses ‘in her power’ and ‘master your magic’
thousands of dollars of value all for you saying yes to a beautiful and expansive experience for yourself and your business.

*events,workshops and group coaching not included.

Each series is unique and customised to my clients needs, desires and most expanded self –
we have a framework but remain flexible to allow for the unexpected magic along the way.

Coaching and courses individually valued at over $11,000


YOUR INVESTMENT: $555 AUD per month or $6,000 AUD upfront payment!

Fortnightly payment plans are also available.


What could your next 12 months look like with this level of support and in’her’ alchemy???


Client Love

What my beautiful clients are saying…

I feel heard and seen for the first time with Amy, as she created a space where I could speak my truth (the light and shade and everything in between). She guided me with heart based words and intentions showing me how I can continue to come home to myself, and live my soul’s purpose in this lifetime. I feel for the first time the possibility, hope and empowerment of my new path unfolding for me. ~ Clare Kinsey


Amy is a natural cheerleader. She sees your potential and your gifts; and she believes in you with such passion that when you work with her you believe it for yourself too. Amy holds space for you while step out of your comfort zone and move closer towards your dreams. She gives you the tools and support that empower you to step up and shine in your life and business. ~ Laura Banks


Working with Amy has been the best decision I have ever made. Her coaching style and support is on another level and our series was transformational, life changing and serious magic. Amy helped me recognise parts of myself that I was completely shutting down and now I am so proud of the woman I have become. ~ Amy Doyle

Amy is unlike any other person I’ve been lucky enough to have in my corner as I work on my soul. She created the most incredible bubble of love and warmth that made possible the courage to open, explore and work through some of the rawest areas of my life and experiences past, present and future. This journey has given me the strength and conviction to start believing in my self-worth, feel safe to stand in my power, even saying no when I need to!  I can’t wait to work with Amy again to continue my journey with the ability to see myself through her eyes, turns out I’m a pretty rad chick! ~Keira Gifford





That’s where the depth is.
That’s where the expansion happens.
That’s where inher alchemy is woven through your entire world and has a lasting effect.

And because I believe in honouring both your inner cycles and seasons and the seasons of life – so in working together for a full year we are going to get to hold space for so much more of you.



On a soul level:

Energetic upgrades.
Inner power activations and integrations.
Self development that leads to
spiritual and personal growth.
Evolved relationships.
Expanded vision of self.
Harness soul gifts and strengths.
Enhanced health and wellbeing.


On a practical level:

Business growth.
Creative projects brought to life.
Product, packages or services launched.
Call in and cultivate more money and abundance.
Develop and expand your leadership skills.
Content creation and ideas mapping.
Sacred Strategies and systems.

And so much more, unique to your individual journey, vision and in’her’ alchemy experience.




Straight up – because you deserve it!
Because this work is deep, transformational and powerful.
Because there has never been a better time to invest in yourself, your inner health and your spiritual well being.
Because you have a big and beautiful vision that deserves to be brought to life.
Because I will believe in you in ways you’ve never felt before, hold you higher than you’ve ever gone before and walk beside you every step of the way, reflecting it all back to you, until you see yourself through the most expanded and loving lens and tap into your personal power.
Because you are made of magic and it is my role to help you see it, remember it and shine a light on all of the ways you can share it with the world.

Final check in to see if In’her’ Alchemy is meant for you….

Would you love to experience:


✧ Holding sacred space for yourself?

✧ Implementing practices that support your energy vibration and power activation?

✧ Having anchors that bring you back to these rememberings when you forget (cause you will – we all do)?

✧ Mapping out your souls mission based on what your heart says NOT YOUR HEAD?

✧ Knowing yourself in multiple ways from the stars and planets to the most human aspects of your programming (it all makes you, YOU)?

✧ Accessing parts of yourself you had forgotten or maybe never sat with before?
Upgrading your belief and operating systems to serve YOU?

✧ Weaving sacred strategies throughout all areas of your life to support your every move, dreams and desires?

✧ Bringing pieces of your vision to life through your work, creative projects or business?

✧ Uplevelling your mindset, money and magic through tuning inwards and then expanding outwards?
Calling on support and guidance to walk beside you as you do this deep, powerful work?

✧ Feel more you than ever before, honouring your human self while rising as your spiritual self?


You were not born to be anyone but you darling heart – now it’s time to start embracing her.
Let your womxn within lead because she knows the way.

YOUR INVESTMENT: $555 AUD per month or $6,000 AUD upfront payment!

Fortnightly payment plans are also available.