Article by Lexx Ellins

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Minimalism is so much more than just a way to declutter your stuff, and is a way of living that can really help you simplify your life.

It is a magical and powerful tool that can bring so much value into your business.

One of my favourite ways to embody minimalism in my business is through living in alignment with the phrase “Less is More.” This means using the simplest and fewest things to create the maximum desired effect possible.

Do I really need to be using every social media platform to reach my ideal clients or can I use a few that I know work the best?

Do I need to be spending 8 hours a day hustling in my business or can I spend a few focused hours doing the most important tasks and leave the rest of that time for self care?

Embracing the concept of “Less is More” in the way you run your business can allow you to create space for the things that will add the most value to your clients, your workday, and your life as a whole. 

Here are 5 actionable ways in which you can add a touch of minimalism to your business and simplify your life as a solopreneur.


Something I am thankful to have learned early on in my business is the magical power of systems that work. As solopreneurs we have lots on our plates and don’t need to be wasting time worrying about things that can be done by a handy piece of software or a system we can create.

I use Asana to lay out and schedule every task I have related to my business, I use Planoly to map out my Instagram content a month in advance, and I use HootSuite to schedule my Twitter and Facebook content, alongside many other wonderful systems.

Every little thing that pops up in the running of my business more than once, such as frequently asked questions from clients, or sending invoices, I take the extra time in that moment to create a system that allows me to repeat the process quickly the next time it’s needed.

Take a look at your business and see what tasks you do each day that you could systemize to free up some time.


The awful, dirty, scary word that we all hate to use. NO. It can be so hard to say, but can have such an incredible impact on our lives.

I used to be a yes girl through and through. In previous jobs I said yes to every little task that came my way because I thought it would make my boss notice me more.

When I began my coaching business, I started down the same path. If someone asked me to collaborate I said YES. If someone asked me to check out their free content, I said heck YES. I thought the more I soaked up and the more connections I made the better off I would be.

The problem with saying YES to every single opportunity is that you start to run out of time. This is where “less is more” really comes into play in a big way. Saying NO to things that don’t light you up helps you save energy and time. When you save your energy and time you then have those beautiful resources available when someone comes along with an offer you are dying to say YES to.


This one is huge in this world of online solopreneurship where we are constantly being bombarded with social media, blog posts, and e-newsletters at a rate where we can’t possibly keep up.

It is so important as a solopreneur to get your message out and to get it in front of your ideal client. The extra important part of this marketing strategy is to do so in a way that benefits your audience and really adds value to their life.

If you can’t possibly come up with enough good quality content to post every day, then post a little less. It’s so much better to take the time to create epic content, than to flood the already chaotic world of the internet with sub-par content that just takes up space.


One of the most precious resources we have as solopreneurs is our time. For many of us our time is exactly what our clients are paying us good money for.

By eliminating the unnecessary from our businesses we are able to free up some of that beautiful resource and spend it on something that will add more value to the world.

Take a look at the things you are doing to run your business each day and ask yourself – “Is this absolutely necessary to keep me moving forward in my business?”

If the answer is YES, refer back to my first point and see if there is a system you can create to simplify the task.

If the answer is NO, simply let it go lovely lady.


We’ve all had those days where we’ve opened up our laptops to get some work done, answered a few e-mails, scrolled through Facebook, popped over to Pinterest for some inspiration, and then a few hours later realize we are on Youtube watching cat videos when we were supposed to be working.

As solopreneurs we don’t have a boss standing over our shoulders to ensure that our time is actually being spent on work that matters. It’s up to us to ditch our multitasking tendencies and really focus on the task at hand.

I hope these tips on using minimalism to simplify your business add immense value to your life beautiful girl boss. 

Do you have another tip to add to help out a fellow solopreneur? Leave it in the comments below.


Lexx Ellins is a life coach, yoga teacher, self love junkie, and coffee fuelled minimalist with a passion for helping women build a life that brings them joy. Lexx’s mission is to guide women on a journey of embracing the power of minimalism to create space in their lives for radical self love.