Instagram interview with @jodielmatthews – the recap!

INTRODUCING Jodie Matthews
Jodie Matthews is on a mission to connect women back to their hearts. She believes that by connecting with our hearts we can create magic in this world.
Jodie is here to remind women of their value, help them create a more harmonious relationship with money and find more peace in their lives through mediation.
Jodie has over a decade of experience working in high-level corporate finance roles, is a certified Beautiful You Life Coach, trained meditation teacher and CPA.

What a joy it was to kick off the very first interview in my new series ‘highlighting HER’ with one of my first ever coaching clients and treasured friends, Jodie Matthews. This woman is a pillar of strength and inspiration, a true light in the world and a voice of reason to all those who need her most.

In our interview Jodie shares how the pain and grief of losing her first child, Hamish, became the very reason she is on a mission to connect more women with their hearts. Jodie shares how she transmuted her pain into her power and purpose and for the first time in 33 years allowed herself to truly feel all of her emotions. We also chat about our coaching and sacred work together and what was the most impactful part of the work we did together and why.

And finally Jodie shares her guidance for women on a mission in how they can connect to their heart and practice presence in life, business and everything in between. This interview was authentic and vulnerable while also being incredibly inspiring and grounding. It is for mamas, coaches, creatives, helpers, healers, lightworkers, leaders and ALL women who need a reminder of their light.

Thank you Jodie for showing up and sharing your truth and story for all of us who need to know it.

Here are the three takeaways from Jodie’s Highlighting HER interview.

Takeaway 1
‘You cannot go through life denying your emotions’ – Jodie
There is so much for us to learn and experience through our emotions and that is how we can access the wisdom held within our hearts.

Takeaway 2
You have to make time for yourself.
Even if its 5 minutes, we must hold space for ourselves to feel, to check in, to witness ourselves, to truly know ourselves and be connected to our truth.

Takeaway 3
It is so much less about what we do and instead it is about who we are.
At the end of the day it isn’t about our achievements, external outcomes or ticking things off a list.
It is about owning and honouring all of who we are. It is about the lens we see ourselves through and the light within us that we allow to be witnessed, received and shared with the world.

Want to connect with Jodie?

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