The truth is I’m not ‘there’ yet. I am still figuring it all out, taking each day in my business as it comes and also still defining (and redefining) what ‘a business I love’ looks and feels like to me because it is forever evolving and as I always say:

‘If you’re not growing then neither is your business’

However over the last 5 years since starting my social media channels and then 3 and a half years of coaching and growing my business, I have learnt so much already and want to share some of my fave insights and tips to designing your own business that you love.

1. Know your PERSONAL why


When starting out, many of us focus on why we want to helps others, the impact and change we are dreaming of creating or sometimes even just that we can’t stand getting up and going to that soul-sucking job for one more day. However none of those things really get to the heart of why you want this beautiful business for YOURSELF. What you hope it will give you? How you want it to make you feel? Spend some time getting really clear on your personal why, which will then become your anchor within everything you do in your business.

2. Clear COMMUNICATION is a business foundation


Say what you mean. Ask questions. Be clear in what you’re doing. Why you believe what you do. Have templates and scripts that back up your business beliefs and boundaries. SHARE the information.

The amount of times I see colleagues, fellow entrepreneurs and clients not getting what they want or feeling stuck within a part of their business all because there is a lack of clear communication. I am not asking you to not have doubts or fears. I am not saying that you won’t worry about what other people may think. There is no question you will grow and change your mind. What I am asking is that you communicate from the beginning throughout your entire business. Clear communication helps to minimise confusion, assumptions, misunderstandings and allows your potential clients, team and anyone within your business (or even from the outside looking in) to know where they stand, who you are and what to expect from you – even when that changes. Ask yourself if you are holding back in any areas of your business right now and where stronger and clearer communication could make a difference.

3. MINDSET matters more than almost anything else in your business


Yes it is a big call but one I back 100%. So far, personally, nothing has challenged me more in my own business than my self talk or limiting beliefs and that is the truth for all of the women I work with, coach and have conversations with. You can have the best marketing plan in the world and still not get results if you can’t take action because your fears are louder. You can have an incredible website that no one ever sees because the idea of self promotion has your mean girl saying all sorts of things that stops you in your tracks. The reality is that at every stage of your business there will be new fears, new limiting beliefs and another mindset block or challenge to overcome and instead of trying to get rid of them, cultivating a relationship and practice with these parts of you, is actually a very smart business move.

My go-to tool is meeting your self talk with kindness and the reason this one is my favourite, is because it can actually help change the thoughts you are thinking and words you are speaking to yourself on a regular basis. Imagine if you told yourself all of the things you ARE good at, reminded yourself of your successes and even said what you love about yourself?

Test it out yourself boss babe: Every time you have a negative or limiting thought/belief, stop, acknowledge what’s coming up for you, and then respond with a kind or loving thought. Even better, write both the negative and kind thought down so that you can start to see any patterns or triggers and at the same time you are creating a whole list of kind and loving thoughts about yourself.

4. Building a Business you love is not a RACE


This one in particular is something I have to remind myself of almost every day. When you are passionate about something, have big dreams or a vision for yourself and also feel like there is so much to do, it can be easy to put the pressure and high expectations on ourselves and then forever feel like we aren’t getting ‘there’ fast enough. If this is really a part of your dream lifestyle and vision for your future, then sweetheart it is going to be a lifelong journey. Sure you will hit milestones and moments that will be be huge achievements and celebrations along the way and then you will create new ones. As long as you are passionate about your business and see it within your bigger vision then she is going to be a part of your life, so slow down and enjoy the journey while you build and grow your beautiful business.

5. There is a time for HUSTLE and a time for FLOW in every business


And both of them can be done with heart and in alignment.

I have seen MANY conversations, quotes and opinions around this topic and it has always felt like a choice between one or the other. You either are all in your masculine and hustling in your biz or you are much more in the feminine energy and open to letting things happen as they will.

I believe that in any successful business you need (and can have) BOTH.

There will be times when you do make sacrifices, some late nights, extra hours and a little hustle in your biz game to get where you want to go and then there will be times when you pull back, let go and simply be in your business.

It does not mean that at either of these times you cannot be or aren’t coming from a heart-led place or mis-alignment, in fact the more you tune into your energy and intuition, the more aligned these different phases in your business can be.

Ultimately I always recommend having regular self check-ins throughout your business calendar so that you can make decisions from an empowered place. Reflect. Ask yourself powerful questions. Do what feels right for you and is another step towards designing a business you love.

There really is no right or wrong way to design a business you love because it is so individual to YOU. If you take away one thing from this article let it be to build your business in a way that feels really really good for you and allows you to enjoy the journey.

If you need some further help and support in this area then you might like to book a FREE heart to heart consult call. My favourite thing in the world is helping highlight another woman’s magic and crafting practical action steps to help share it with the world. Click here to book your consult beautiful!

Big Love

Amy xoxo