For twelve months it felt like I may never come out of the space in between. The darkness that is all too familiar was swirling around my head and heart again. But something was different this time.

Even though I had no idea what was going to happen, I surrendered and chose to trust that I would be ok and this was all happening for a bigger purpose. If my past has taught me anything it is the faith of things happening for a reason. And so I committed to dancing in the spaces between the light + dark. I asked for GRACE to guide me through and I continued to show up for my life and business.

Just when I thought I couldn’t take anymore, I felt things start to shift. The light started to filter in through the cracks and the weight lifted off my chest. I could breathe again.

It felt like I was looking at life through a new lens. I described it to friends as a scene out of twilight when Bella wakes up after becoming a vampire and all of her senses are heightened – every detail clearer and more beautiful than before.

All of a sudden ideas started to flow, I could feel the excitement as my thoughts and new learnings were landing and being processed.

And then it dawned on me, I had just experienced a new level of spiritual growth and what’s more is I had actually asked for it.

Last year I declared I was ready for more, ready to be the person I was born to be and what do you know, I was stripped bare and guided to turn inwards.

So here she is. Here I am. Walking hand in hand with the woman within.

With my senses heightened, I am in a place of asking more questions and looking for the answers within.
With the deep knowing that I am in a stretching growth period, I am practicing being gentle and more self nurturing.
With this experience my intuition is tuned in even stronger, I am leaning in and listening to her.

I am paying attention, remembering, writing things down, sharing, asking, visualising and creating.

I am savouring these moments for now and always, so I can continue to tap into my inner knowing, the power of trusting the universe and the next level growth that we can experience when we do this work.

At first it felt like I was being pulled backwards and all I could think is ‘but I have done so much self work to get where I am’
I didn’t want it all to mean nothing. I was scared of starting again. But here is the truth, you can be guided to go inwards but that is so very different to going backwards. And sometimes you need to go deeper before you can go wider and expand.

Imagine a kite wanting to fly higher and higher, you need to be on the ground unravelling more and more before she can continue to rise. 

It is exactly the same for our mind, heart and soul to expand, grow, up level, rise and hit a higher vibration –
You’ve got to do the inner work, unravelling layer by layer, unlocking level by level.

It may feel like a place you’ve already visited within, but maybe this time there will be a message you’ve never heard before.
A new level of awareness that you’ve never seen before. Or maybe this time, your spiritual self and your soul will be cracked so wide open you feel things in a way you never have before.

Whatever happens, connecting deeper with the woman within, the part of you that knows who you are, knows who you were born to be and knows who you were before the world told you who you should be, is ALWAYS going to cultivate magic and set off a higher vibration for you to rise too.

Because maybe all you really have to do, a little deeper every day, is keep coming home to who you truly are.

Ahhh doesn’t that feel like the weight of the world off your shoulders.

What if you’re only mission is to strip back all of the ‘stuff’ you have seen, heard. learnt, been told and programmed to believe along the way and find out who you REALLY are.

Will you accept that mission?

Personally, I am a HELL YES!

Each month I am going to share another story about my own experiences + learnings with my own journey within and as always, I would love to hear from you too. Leave a comment, write me an email, send me a message on Instagram or whatever communication tool is your go-to and let’s revel in this journey together.

Big Love 
Amy xoxo