Creating authentic connections and collaborations have been such a vital part of my business journey. From creating Solopreneur Society with my business bestie Laura to fortnightly mastermind sessions with my soul squad, connection is everything!

Whenever I get lost in to-do lists, forward focused on how I’m going to create more and feel the weight of the entrepreneurial world on my shoulders, I turn to the three values that are so important to me: connection, collaboration and sisterhood!

I truly believe in the value of having connections with like-minded ladies, so I’ve created some tips for those who are still looking for their soul squad. Don’t worry sweetheart, they’re out there! Here are some ways you can find them…

Your vibe attracts your tribe


Are you wishing for deeper connections and wondering where to find them? Before you can look externally for your soul sister, you need to get to know and love the one already inside of you. It is not until you can be kind to yourself, treat yourself with respect, compassion and understanding and truly love yourself, that you can allow yourself to give and receive the same from others. This includes self talk, self care, belief, confidence and worth but also knowing yourself. Your personality, what you love, what makes you tick and what interests you. This is your starting point and it is a beautiful place to begin.

Reach out to some women you admire


The majority of my entrepreneurial connections and friendships have all started online through organic + genuine Facebook and Instagram comments like ‘hey I really love your work, thank you for inspiring me’ and developed from there. *Emphasis on the organic + genuine part, it is really important to show up authentically + connect with people from that place, no one wants to be spammed, so remember only write it if you mean it.

So darling heart, if you’re wanting more support in your life and biz from like-minded, powerful ladies then it’s time to reach out to some women you admire.

Start by thinking about a few ladies you’ve been crushing on and make a commitment to reach out to 1 or 2 a week or a month and see where it goes. It’s not about overnight besties but rather genuine, soulful connections and relationships. This takes time to grow but it also takes effort and action to begin with.

Join a mastermind group


I began my mastermind journey with a group of my soulies for an in person women’s mastermind. We started it because we all had either a business or passion project we were dreaming about and wanted to support each other along the journey. Starting this has been one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself, personally and professionally (and I know the girls feel the same way).

I was then lead to create ‘Designing Her Biz’ an eight week online mastermind for girl bosses, heart centred coaches and female entrepreneurs (originally launched with a different name but lucky it’s not a human baby so won’t be too affected by a name change a year into its life haha). The mastermind is an opportunity for likeminded ladies in biz to come together, be supported and guided as they grow their business and also receive coaching and advice to further empower them in their own journey.

So whether you’re looking to start your own or join one for some more in depth support + coaching, find yourself a group of ladies to connect + potentially collaborate with in life and business.

Turning it into a deeper + authentic connection


Once you’ve met them how do you make deep and lasting connections? You have to put yourself out there, get real, raw and VULNERABLE. In truth, the only way to really connect with others and have any chance of creating a ride or die tribe is to be 100% yourself , open your heart and share a piece of you that allows the other person or people to get to know you on a deeper level. Remember deep soul connections can take time, however they are much more likely to happen if you know and love yourself, you’re looking in the right places and putting yourself out there in a real and vulnerable way.

So gorgeous girl bosses, how could you be cultivating more connection in your business right now? I’d love to hear of an experience where you’ve connected with someone either online or in person and it has turned into a magical and genuine relationship?

If after reading this you know you are ready for further connection with fellow female entrepreneurs + also would love to have access to a coach to help you design a life + business you love, then come + join myself + a thriving community over in the society. Click here to find out all the details of becoming a member of Solopreneur Society.