I remember that feeling like it was yesterday. The heightened energy running through me while I spilled out my biggest dream and asked my  friend “how do I register a domain name???”

I then set about making a Facebook page and this very Instagram account and she was officially birthed into the world. Honestly my life has never been the same since.

There are so many stories and pieces to this puzzle. So many milestone moments and seemingly small ones in between.
I am most definitely not the same woman that I was then but can still feel the same fire and soul calling for this work, burning bright within me.

Highlighting the milestone moments, the messy ones and all of the magic made along the way.
A journey of sacred evolution and expansion for both the brand and the woman behind it.

It’s been the biggest evolution both personally and professionally over the last 6 years and I’m so excited to be sharing more of that with you by showcasing milestone moments, lessons + past content that shines a light on the magic that is Designing her life.

What better way to showcase and highlight a journey then with a timeline?! Below I’ve created reflections and linked to some special social media posts throughout to take you along this journey with me…


2009 – 2013
These years were a mixture of experiences, mental and physical health and self development for me. Living with Chronic Pain, Anxiety and surviving my first mental breakdown and suicide attempt – I discovered Louise Hay and read You Can Heal Your Life (game changer!) kick starting me into a health, fitness and self-development journey.

After an engagement (on our 9-year anniversary) and a surprise wedding, Dave (my husband) and I set off on our first overseas adventure (turned honeymoon), spending 2 months across the UK and Europe (a dream I’d had my whole life).

By this time I had changed so deeply on every level, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.


The year my soul came knocking. She had been waiting for a while and I finally answered. Designing her life was born, I signed up to bright-eyed and blog hearted to learn how to start a blog, found @bycacademy and signed up to become a coach and I set off on a 6 month overseas trip to live and work in Scotland with family and travel parts of Canada, America and Mexico.



I was travelling until May, came back and began my coaching course. I completely immersed myself in these new online worlds and communities I found. By the end of the year I graduated as a coach, launched my first website and coaching business into the world. By this stage I was already working with women as a life coach and creating amazing content through email and social media campaigns. Including ‘The inspirational lifestyle’ social media series and ‘The inspired 30’ email a day series.

I was ALL IN building designing her life. I SHOWED UP! I did things I never dreamed possible, I coached A LOT, I created (things like a FB live series called Inspired Conversations ) and I spoke professionally as a guest panelist, podcast interviews, guest blogging, magazine features and I launched a membership hub which included videos, a podcast, a FB community and so much more, I travelled to san Fransisco to speak and I launched a second DHL website. Woah it was a big year of business growth and proving to myself what was possible.


I won a coaching award, I became a trainer for BYCA which I’d wanted from the moment I trained with them, I travelled to Paris with the team, co-hosted my first event while I was there, on a boat, on the river seine nonetheless. I continued to show UP for my work and the life I was envisioning. I also met my shadow self again, depression came knocking and I struggled to feel the way I imagined I would within all of these incredible moments and achievements. Designing her life had started to take over my actual life and I knew something had to change.

I shifted, I pivoted, I went inwards. I stripped my biz back and asked for guidance and support on my next steps. It was still a big and magical year with lots of amazing moments like co creating an amazing business bundle, girls trips with women I love, celebrated turning 30, and that was only up until February.

I really danced between the light and the dark, realising depression and anxiety weren’t only situational for me but something that I’ll likely move with for most of my life. We also made a huge life transition and moved to Melbourne which we had been working towards for over 18 months – this felt like a very important moment for both Dave and I, but we never could have imagined all that was to come. 


Oomph she served me GOOD! Hit me on every level, health, marriage, friendships, business, career, death and everything in between. This has been the year I’ve accepted more of myself than ever before while still knowing there is so much more becoming ahead. It’s been way less about business and way more about me.

Yes there are still big things that happened including creating and launching a new website, new offerings and services like ‘your sacred container’ and inher alchemy 12 month experience, doing my reiki 1 and 2 training, expanding my team and support, buying a house here in Melbourne, upgrading lots of life stuff, investing in myself and my life but along the way I found more than those things and am deeply grateful for the #spirtualshitstorm I was served to get here.

This last decade has seen my work deepen, my body and health become a priority, my friendships shift and evolve, my love and partnership stretch and grow, my mind quieten, my soul get louder and my spirituality strengthen.


Now here we are in 2020 and what a wild ride we’ve been served up so far. Personally it started with a call to go deeper with accepting myself and showing up even fuller than ever before. There was a strong pull into stepping up into my lightwork and really answering the call of my soul, this felt true for all of us. And as I sit hear writing this, we are collectively still facing covid19 – a virus that stopped the world and also waking up to the systemic racism and privilege this world has been built upon.

It’s July 2020 and I already feel like I’ve lived a thousand lifetimes in the last 6 months. But that’s the mess and magic of spiritual awakening and collective activations – we have lifetimes of knowledge, wisdom and truths awaiting to be remembered and then actioned. And so this can be a pivotal point in history if we choose to listen and make it that.


As I stop to reflect on it all, I am feeling such deep gratitude and overwhelming appreciation for all of the love and support that has seen me get to this point in my own life, business and journey and also for all of the women who have been a part of DHL over the years. It is more than I ever could have imagined for myself. 

Stay tuned for all that is still to come, cause I have a feeling we haven’t even scratched the surface yet.

Big love
Amy x