(Pic taken on the way to see Oprah last year – Ah-mazing!!!)

Last Wednesday (3rd February) I celebrated my 28th Birthday. I LOVE birthdays and believe every year should be a special occasion. To help celebrate I shared 28 Raise the Vibe Truths on my social media accounts. It was really fun and so I thought i’d bring them all together here in one, easy blog post.

Let the vibe raisin truths begin…

?1. Birthdays are so special to me, they represent the day you entered this lifetime and the fact that you’ve been gifted another year. I think of birthdays (mine and others) as a day to celebrate life and the person. I love them (the next truth may also have something to do with it).
?2. I was raised a Jehovah’s Witness until age 10 so didn’t have my first birthday or Christmas until then (does that technically mean I’m only 18 today???).
?3. I love raw desserts, anything with cacao, nuts and gooey goodness and I’m there. Mint pana is also my fave chocolate!!! (I will definitely say I’m full and then find room for dessert)!
?4. I have worked many jobs so far in my life, my first one was actually in year 7 (totally underage) working at a nut shop at the Morisset Mega Markets (I got paid $60 for the entire weekend and thought it was amazing)
?5. This one will stump you…
I have a kind of phobia around fruit and vegetables and have since I can remember! It started as a reaction when I was a baby and turned into a head thing. The only way I get my fruit and veg is by drinking it (that was huge for me) or supplements.
?6. My family are all Scottish, my mum can even switch between her (very) australian accent into a Scottish one. I think that’s why Scotland is my favourite place to travel to, as there is a sense of connection there.
?7. Growing up I LOVED teddy bears, I had teddy everything, bedspread, ornaments, a million stuffed teddies all with different names (that had to each get a kiss goodnight or I couldn’t sleep).
?8. When I love, I love BIG!!! There is no half assing it with me, I really let people know how much I love them and why!

amy 28th bday










(pic taken on my 28th birthday at one of my fave local cafes – The Ark Norah Head)

?9. Travelling the world is a must for me. Getting to see and experience new places definitely leaves me feeling fulfilled and inspired in a way that nothing else does.
?10. Creating Designing her Life is the best thing I’ve ever done!!
Building my heart centred business, connecting with like minded women and being surrounded by inspiration daily is serious dream material right there.
?11. I treasure all of the cards and letters I receive and have a huge tub that I store them all in ( I’ll have to whip some out and take a trip down memory lane).
?12. I LOVE to dance. I have no coordination or skills whatsoever but when the music starts my body just wants to move and I will break it down no matter where I am.
?13. I adore deep and soulful conversations. I’d rather start a conversation with ‘what are your deepest hearts desires and wildest dreams’ than ‘Hi, nice to meet you, what do you do?’
?14. Reality TV is a part of my self care practice. Watching the real housewives series, The only way is Essex, Vanderpump rules etc is time out for me.
?15. My husband and I got engaged on our 9 year anniversary (valentines day 2013) and 3 months later had a Surprise Wedding. It was the most magical day of my life.
?16. I used to hate coffee, the smell, the taste. Yuck… Now I am in LOVE! Sitting and having a coffee is one of my favourite things to do, the smell, the taste. Yum!!! (My adrenal glands think differently, so I am having to cut back).
?17. I am a huge Harry Potter fan, the books, the movies. I’ve now been to the studios in London + the world at universal studios Orlando (yes I totally rode the hogwarts express). The story allowed me to take myself into a world, which to me wasn’t just about spells and potions but rather one of deep friendships, loyalty and love. True magic!
?18. I don’t believe you can ever have too many inspirational quotes – I LOVE THEM. For me when I read or hear words in a way that speak to my soul, give me a boost to keep chasing my dreams or remind me to change my perspective, I am inspired again and again.

birthday flower crowns

(Pics taken at my 28th birthday soul sister, flower crown making, celebration)

?19. I believe in the universe!
That there is something greater than me and a divine plan already created!
?20. I am the baby of the family but am the protector and organiser too.
?21. I’ve had Invisalign braces because my teeth were really crooked and I had a ‘fang’ which always looked like I had a tooth missing. My teeth aren’t perfect now but I am so happy with them.
?22. Having a beautiful relationship with soul sisters is one of the most important parts of my life. There is something so special about connections with like minded women.
?23. I have come to kinda love fear and actually thrive off the feeling of fear just before something amazing happens, I use it to fuel my dreams.
?24. I live with chronic pain syndrome and have for the last almost 9 years. Basically my nervous system tells my brain that I am in pain and then my body physically reacts. It has been a long journey to living my best life with the pain but everyday I work on it!
?25. I feel everything so deeply, i am a very emotional and my heart is wide open (I am a crier). I used to think it was a bad quality but now I embrace it.
?26. I have more than one laugh… sometimes I’m loud and throw my head back , other times it’s more of a squeal giggle or even a silent shake. I’ve also been known to snort laugh too.
?27. I am a BIG dreamer, I always have been. My imagination goes wild and then I have this inner strength and drive that takes over and helps me bring it to life. Day dreaming is my favourite hobby.
?28. This space right here, with you is one of my favourite to come and hang out. I love the vibes we are creating and I am so grateful for each and everyone of you.

I would love to get to know you better too, please share some truths in the comments below beautiful!

Big Love

Amy xx