Ohhh 2015 you will always have a piece of my heart.

What a year it has been.

My favourite things to do at this time is Reflect + Celebrate + Set new Intentions.

I believe it is so important to take the time, before moving forward, to reflect on where we have been to where we are now. The lessons, moments and memories that have been shared and everything we have achieved. Often when we are ‘in it’ we can’t see the growth and transformations that have taken place and allowing yourself this reflection time is a beautiful way to honour yourself and your life.

And what do you do when you realise how far you have come or even the small steps and decisions you’ve made for yourself? You C E L E B R A T E !!!

You deserve to be proud and celebrate EVERYTHING. This can be by simply acknowledging it. Voicing it – Yeah girl you totally killed it at life this year OR I’m proud of myself for learning from the challenges I’ve experienced. Buying yourself a little something special, maybe a token gift to represent what this year has meant to you or what you’ve learnt. A dinner or lunch out with your friends + loved ones. Whatever lights you up and makes you feel loved and special, do that.

Then I love to think about what I want for the year to come. My hopes, wildest dreams and deepest hearts desires. I’ve decided to set an Intention word for 2016 to capture all of these thoughts and feelings – A B U N D A N C E – Emotionally, Spiritually, Physically, Financially and every sense of the word.

This is the way I like to see out the year that was and welcome in the new one in a heart centred, inspiring and empowering way. No pressure or judgement. Just love and acceptance.

I invite you to try it, beautiful.

I’d also love to share some of my highlight moments from throughout the year…

H I G H L I G H T S  from  2 0 1 5:

➵ I travelled across the world on a 6 month wanderlust adventure and began 2015 in Scotland with family and my soul mate, Dave. I went to new places on my bucket list like New York, Vegas, LA, Canada and Mexico + revisited my faves like London and Scotland. It was some of the best, challenging and life changing months of my life.

➵ Began studying with Beautiful You Coaching Academy to become a life coach.

➵ Launched the Inspirational Lifestyle Series which allowed me to collaborate with so many gorgeous women in the self-development industry and share all the goodness with you while we have spent 6 months designing an inspired lifestyle together.

➵ Connected with some incredible + inspiring women both online and in person.

➵ Launched Designingherlife.com so we had another beautiful space to connect.
Taking Designing her Life from Inspirational Blog to Business. (Dream come true)

➵ Coaching my beautiful clients over the last 6 months, absolutely the most rewarding part of the year.

➵ Graduating from Beautiful You Coaching Academy and also becoming a certified Beautiful You Life Coach.

➵ Attending some very inspiring events throughout the year including, 2 beautiful you Inspiration Days + 9 till Thrive + Utopia Women’s Wellness Event annnnndddd an evening with O P R A H (best moment ever).

➵ Being chosen as a finalist for 2 of the BYCA Awards – Emerging Coach of the Year and the CEO SHINE award  (I’m still smiling about this one).

➵ Being asked to be a guest speaker at Vision Casting & Life Strategies Event in Sydney on the 16th January 2016.

➵ Guest posting and being featured on some of my fave ladies blogs – Katie Dean , Ainslie Young, Best Kept Self, Empower Avenue, and Bianca Romeo.

➵ Many Many coffee and lunch dates with beautiful friends, my soul sisters.

➵ Dates with my hubby – this man is by far my biggest supporter and the great love of my life.

➵ Time spent with family. I am a Daughter, Sister, Aunty, Granddaughter, Niece and Cousin and I take those titles as the blessings they are.

I could just keep going and going because to be honest I have SO MUCH TO BE GRATEFUL FOR but for now I will leave you with the ultimate highlight of 2015…

MY LIFE!!! I absolutely am designing a life that I love and I know you can too.

Thank you for being a part of the fabulous year that was 2015 and I cannot wait to see what we create in 2016.

Big Love

Amy xx

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