Hi Boss Babes.

So you want to know who is the girl behind designing her life? What’s her story, how did she become a life coach for female entrepreneurs + why?

Well lady love, grab yourself a cuppa + let’s sit on the corner of awesome + bombdiggity for awhile…

{Oh and by the way, I’m Amy, the founder of Designing her Life}.

Designing my own Life

As most things, it begins with a story.

A story of a girl who had to learn the hard way.

I had always believed I was meant for more, questioning everything + letting my imagination run wild, however as I grew up, I started to believe I had really bad luck + that even though I thought I was a good person, life was always going to be really hard for me.

From a very intense, religious childhood until age 10 to the complete opposite through my teenage years with one parent a compulsive gambler and the other an alcoholic, it is easy to see where this way of thinking began. Flash forward through years of struggle + dramatic experiences to having a car accident at age 19 + developing chronic pain syndrome (basically my central nervous system tells my brain that im in pain 24 hours a day, 7 days a week + has for the last 9 years).

I thought I had proved this way of thinking correct. I continued this thinking for almost another 5 years, struggling with severe depression + anxiety.

The pain and suffering consumed me + the life I had once dreamt of + worked so hard to create was well + truly gone. I couldn’t understand why + every day I lost a little more of myself until one day I gave up.

But life had other plans for me. Waking up in a hospital bed still alive, was the turning point for me. I stopped looking externally and for the first time looked inwards.

I let go of the life I thought I was supposed to have + decided to create an even better one. I stopped blaming others + my circumstances + owned the part that I played in my own life. I realised that I couldn’t control everything that happens to me but I could control how I reacted to it + how much I let it impact my choices + experiences. I made a choice to stop trying to control the pain + started trying to love myself just as I was.

That belief that I was here for a purpose was reignited + I started my journey of self love, soul searching and dream chasing. I started to read self development + inspirational books, surround myself with people who believed in + supported me. I began working out + nourishing my body. I saw therapists + healers to help me do the internal work.

I took back my power, in a way that only us as individuals can, with every step taken my life started to change, I did the emotional, physical, mental + spiritual work + continue to.

Designing her Life

So how did I go from doing the work to becoming an entrepreneur?

My journey into becoming a life coach + starting my own business was more of a ‘following the breadcrumbs’ kind of thing, wanting to help people + make a difference in the world. Using my own experiences to create change.

After years of working for other people (I had my first job when I was just turning 13 at a nut shop), trying a huge range of occupations including retail manager, beauty therapist + gym receptionist, I still felt that there was something more meaningful for me to be doing with my life. A way to make sense of my past + success for my future.

Designing her life began as an inspirational outlet on social media on July 1st 2014, a space to share quotes, stories + inspire others along the way. Quite quickly I decided to turn it into a blog too + enrolled in Bright-eyed Blog-hearted, which lead me down the path of building a website + starting to imagine what could be possible.

And so in 2015 I decided to take the leap + study to become a life coach with Beautiful You Coaching Academy + start my own business. Fast forward to now, 2017 + I am blessed to have coached + mentored countless inspired entrepreneurs + girl bosses from all around the world + have a growing business that feels more on purpose then I ever have before.

Why Female Entrepreneurs?

As I was beginning my own journey of entrepreneurship + connecting with so many likeminded, passionate women who were also creating their own business or dreaming of bringing a passion project to life, I started to notice a few similarities + was feeling called to really help these women achieve their dreams.

I realised that those of us who are stepping up, answering the call for more + wanting to create change in the world, are also the ones who are shining a light on our own self development too.

All of a sudden our fears feel bigger, self doubt gets louder, our confidence can waiver + before you know what’s happened, you’ve been derailed from your dreams + are struggling to move forwards.

I also noticed that there were a lot of coaches + resources out there for the more practical side of business but not so much the emotional side. This is what excited me + felt really right for me as a coach. Having been through it myself + continuing to go through it as I build my own business, I saw an opportunity to support other girl bosses, change makers + women in biz through the emotional journey of being an entrepreneur. With the big vision that, in turn together we are creating a world of strong, confident, self loving women whose own work is creating change.

In other words my coaching + business is based on helping other women in business, fulfill their purpose, having a flow on effect on how women are able to show up in the world.

Oh and why women?

Because I truly believe in the power of women. The force of a woman determined to rise. The beauty of when the feminine + masculine collide.

“There is no force equal to a woman determined to rise.”

– W.E.B Dubois

A few Amy must knows


I believe in the universe + her magic + constantly have conversations with the sky.

Travelling the world is the only other thing that sets my soul on fire the way my business does.

 I am a nightowl + get my best sleep in the morning.

➵ Coffee is like liquid gold to me these days, which is crazy because I grew up a tea drinker.

➵ I have a secret dream of learning a choreographed dance + being a part of a flashmob (not so secret anymore haha).

I also have a super weird phobia that I have had my whole life (yep since I was born) which is that I don’t eat fruit + veggies (I know, sounds so crazy) but up until a few years ago, I literally couldn’t even touch most of them. Now I can have juices + smoothies + soups too. It has at times been extremely challenging but more so because of other people’s reactions to it, I think this is what first taught me about being different + not caring what anyone else thinks.

Oh and I also naturally have big, curly hair that is wild when it is brushed out.

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