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Design a Life + Business you love with Amy Mackenzie

“Amy is the kind of person you are drawn to, you cannot wait to hear what she will say next. She is positive, kind & full of wisdom. If you are looking for a speaker to inspire & encourage – I highly recommend Amy.”

If you know me, you would know I LOVE to speak but I also speak professionally in my business too.

Being in a room full of women open to connection, creativity and inspiration is my idea of the dream  ‘job’. I have a beautiful message and story to share with the world and it is all based around being the designer of your own life, creating a life + business you love.

From being hired as a guest speaker at another person / brands event or workshop to hosting my own workshop inside of an event, I love the opportunity to empower women to live their best, most inspired life, create a heart centred business that is aligned with their own values + share their message with the world.

“I recently had the absolute pleasure of working with Amy as a speaker for my annual Inspired Women event. The title says it all – it’s about showcasing incredible entrepreneurial women from across Australia in the hopes to inspire the audience. And inspire them she did!

Always the professional, Amy ensured she showed up ready to go with everything she needed to get up on stage and wow the crowd. There were laughs, there were tears, but most importantly, there was connection. For days after, I was receiving the most beautiful feedback singing Amy’s praises. They not only loved hearing her personal story and her journey into being a business woman, but they also got so much out of her key takeaways.

If you need a beautiful balance of engaging and warm and confident and smart, Amy is your girl. I can’t wait to work with her again”

~ Jade McKenzie | Event Head  

As an award winning life coach, writer and international speaker, I have a variety of topics I am confident + passionate in speaking about, some of which include:

The Entrepreneurs Journey

Covering the challenges, growth + important steps of an entrepreneur in both life + business. Including a snapshot of my own personal journey, tools + techniques to support + empower you and an opportunity to dive into the heart of designing a life + business you love. Perfect for networking events or a Workshop for women in business.

Inspired Living Workshop

An interactive 60-90 minute workshop, taking you through the journey of setting heart centred goals, inspired actions and celebrating yourself + all you’ve achieved along the way. Includes highlight sheets + a small gift or special offer for guests.

My Personal Story + Experience

I am very open + honest in sharing my own story to inspire others. Having had a a childhood full of lessons, living with chronic pain syndrome for the last 9 years and defying the odds to create a life + business I love using a variety of self development tools, techniques + therapies including coaching, I am able to remind women of what they’re capable of + help them to see the light for their own life too.

“Amy conducted an inspired living workshop within my gym for my members and it was an extremely successful night. We had a huge turnout of nearly 25 women who all gained positivity and perspective and flourished in the intimate and personalized workshop Amy ran through. Her gentle and warm nature made everyone at ease immediately, however she is very direct and clear when working through her coaching. It is the perfect combination.”

~ Chelsea Neems | Crossfit Marquise 

“I had the pleasure of having Amy Mackenzie as one of my guest speakers for my live event Vision Casting & Life Strategies Workshop. Amy was the perfect coach to share all about creating Heart Centred Goals.

Leading up to the workshop, Amy was attentive and showed interest in making sure that her content and her presentation was tailored for the group. Her presentation was customised and unique and most importantly rich with gold nuggets and insights that came so naturally for her. Amy’s Speaking style is energising, fun and inspirational and her genuine heart brings a lot of realism and practical thinking to her work.

Her session included action steps that my guests were able to implement right there and then & i’m confident everyone who attended found her presentation extremely valuable. Amy is simply outstanding and a speaker whom I highly recommend.”

~  Fideliz Cruz | Personal Stylist and Life Coach

If you have an event or workshop coming up + are interested in having an inspirational guest speaker or host, I’d love to chat to you.
Please get in contact with me for my speakers kit + to discuss further details.

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