I hear a lot of women being held back by their fears. Fear of what other people will think, fear of failure, fear of being seen and fear of never being seen for who they truly are.

Then I read these words by Elizabeth Gilbert and knew I had to share them with you.

“Your fear must be kept in its place. Your fear must not be allowed to make decisions about creativity, passion, inspiration, dreams. Your fear doesn’t understand these things, and so it makes the most boring possible decisions about them. Your fear mistakes creativity and inspiration for saber-toothed tigers and wolf packs. They aren’t. Creativity and inspiration are the vehicles that will transport you to the person you most need to become.” – Elizabeth Gilbert

If you’re ready to take back your power and overcome your fears (in a loving way) then I’ve compiled some recommendations that I use in my own life and recommend to clients.

What’s the worst that could happen?


Did you know that most of us are often basing our big life and business decisions around what other people will think?

Which job to take…

Which school to go to…

Which car to buy…

Which course to do…

Putting ourselves out there, being seen, going after what we want and doing what we love, all impacted by other people.

Let’s get real for a minute, it’s actually through FEAR of what other people MIGHT think. When I reflect that back to myself and my clients, it sounds so simple! But we all know it goes deeper than that.

So I whip out the What’s the worst that can happen game? and we play it out till the end.

Imagine you do whatever it is… what’s the worst thing that could happen?

For so many of us, the worst thing is around what other people will think.

So let’s say that happens, you do it and you find out that someone (often they don’t have a face or a name) had a negative opinion. Or maybe you do know who this person is and they have something to say. Then what? What do you do? And then what? What happens after that?

Play it out until you see where you end up!

Sweetheart, I promise you that worrying less about other’s opinions will open up a whole new world for you. It will allow you to step into more of who you truly are and design a life and business YOU love.

This is your life and your story. Don’t give your power away, darling heart. After all, what’s the worst that could happen?

Create a daily mindset practice


Everyday I am working with heart centred women around their mindset and beliefs in their business because I truly believe this is at the core of designing a life and business you love.

And while I believe it with all my heart and know how important it is, I can still find myself not prioritising it in my own business.

Lately I’ve noticed some fears and limiting beliefs coming up for me as I am moving towards taking my biz to the next level (always a time for a little extra self reflection). You know the old stories of ‘I don’t know enough’, ‘I’m not smart enough’ or some sneaky comparisonitis creeps in.

To help me overcome these and keep my awareness raised, I’ve decided to practice what I preach and create a daily practice in my biz working on my mindset and business beliefs.

This looks like setting aside 30 minutes everyday to write out my current thoughts and beliefs and also visualise some new ones that are aligned with my dreams and higher vision. I am also spending at least 30 minutes each night before going to sleep reading one of the inspired books that have been on my must-read list for so long.

So darling heart, this is your invitation to join me in prioritising doing the work that is going to take you towards your dreams. You can absolutely try my practices or experiment with your own, whatever it looks like for you. Remember thoughts become things, so pay attention to what you are thinking on the daily.

Get support


I believe when we are answering the call for something more and stepping up and out, we need more support than ever. Your fears feel bigger, your self doubt creeps in and don’t even get me started on your inner mean girl who pipes up with negative self talk and limiting beliefs.

Your dreams are growing and you want so much for yourself, your life and your business but all of a sudden you’re faced with all of these emotions, challenges, fears and blocks that come with ‘doing the work’.

You are illuminating every part of yourself.

Which is why working with a coach, having a cheerleader walking beside you and someone who knows exactly what you’re going through is so important along this wild entrepreneurial journey.

I’ve helped over 40 big dreaming, heart centred and passionate female entrepreneurs take big and bold steps for themselves and their businesses.

I’ve helped them take the smaller, everyday ones too. Facing and conquering their fears, finding and owning their voice, redefining success on their own terms, falling in love with themselves and designing a life and business they love.

If you’re ready to take the leap, invest in yourself and change the way you are showing up in life and business then book a free Heart to Heart consult and let’s dive into your dreams!

Fear isn’t a necessary requirement in your life, beauty. There is a way to work with it and I’d love to go on this journey with you!