Heart To Heart Consult

Boss Babe, let’s go heart to heart.

This is a completely FREE discovery call.

Giving us the chance to connect, get to know each other better + also dive into what you truly want for your life + your business.

Before we even get chatting, you will fill out a thought provoking questionnaire that will crack open your deepest fears + wildest dreams, allowing me to see where you are + where you want to be.

Working with a coach is about having someone support you, understand you + meet you where you are. It is a beautiful relationship between a coach + client, where the time + space is held for you in a non judgemental, lovingly accountable + flexible way. Finding the right coach is like finding your wing woman, who has your back + will cheer you on every step of the way.

I don’t believe it is one size fits all + so this heart to heart consult is an opportunity for you to ask me questions, see my coaching style + know if we are a match made in coaching heaven.

There are no strings attached + simply a beautiful chance to connect + dream a little bigger together.

Hit the button below to go ahead + book your complimentary consult.

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