“Clean out a corner of your mind and creativity will instantly fill it”
~ Dee Hock

One of our beautiful DHL Tribe members sent me an email, responding to a call out, where I asked what are some topics you would love to read about on the blog. She said,
How to stay creative and get new ideas when you are blocked and can’t think of fresh ideas for your business?

Ahh what a great question and one I had to think about, as to be honest I too have been getting creatively blocked while working on all the different aspects of my business.

Then one night it hit me – the ideas started flowing, I grabbed my phone (which i use the notebook app to type my ideas when they strike) and started to write a list of Creative Block Do’s and Don’ts. The key to this was what I had and hadn’t done, which allowed this process to happen…


BEAT YOURSELF UP – name calling and bullying will not get those ideas flowing, in fact it will likely make it harder because your brain will be focusing on negatives thoughts, shutting out any room for positive or creative ones. Sounds simple I know, but listen in to your self talk the next time you are creatively struggling.

FORCE IT – nothing will dry up your creativity faster than when you are trying too hard to make something happen, or at the very least it will show and that isn’t inspiring to anyone.


TAKE TIME OUT – go outside in the fresh air, take the dogs for a walk or sit with a cuppa and just breathe (meditating is a good idea too). Staring at that screen or blank piece of paper (or whatever your creative project is) isn’t going to make it magically happen, so break things up a bit and take a time out.

MOVE YOUR BODY – dance, stretch, shake it off. When we get those endorphins pumping the creative juices are likely to follow. Plus who doesn’t love a good dance off with your t.v.

FUEL YOUR BODY -and I am not talking about eating high-sugar foods and drinks to keep you going. Nourish your body with foods that stimulate your brain and sustain your energy (I love a good superfood smoothie). Ever tried getting your brain to work when its lacking the nutrients to-do-so, say hello to lot’s of time wasting and welcome to the hangry (hungry/angry) zone – not pretty.

BE KIND TO YOURSELF – this is the ideal opposite reaction to beating yourself up, meet those thoughts and comments with kindness. Talk to yourself the way you would someone you loved. You would tell them our talented and awesome they are and not to worry as it will come. Believe it sweetheart – it’s true!

REMEMBER YOUR WHY – when you are trying so hard, ask yourself why? who are you doing this for? What made you start? When you can anchor into those beautiful, heartfelt reasons, the ideas and creativity will most definitely come. Just like this post, you are my why and that allowed this to flow.

I hope this helps all of you gorgeous, creative, dreamers bring your ideas to life and please know that we all have those moments where it feels like we will never have another good idea again but I promise you will.

If you have any tips or fave things that work for you I’d love to hear them so please comment below or if you think this post could help someone you know, share away via the buttons below.

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