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The Entrepreneurs Journey – 12 week Coaching Clients:

I like to think that this is one special coach, sprinkling amazingness wherever she goes and to whomever she meets.

She pumps nothing but positivity and hope into this world. Her tender, nurturing heart makes her the kind of life coach you’d want cheering you on as you make big, bold steps towards building your dream life.

She’s kind and generous, supportive and non judgmental. She looks for the good and lives for the joy.

Working with Amy was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my journey. She lovingly held space for me to declare my biggest dreams and explore the blocks holding me back from just talking about them to actually starting to put the wheels in motion. I never felt rushed to have an ah-ha moment and every session felt like a coffee date with a friend. I felt challenged enough to step up when needed, but never felt pressured to do anything I didn’t want to. Because, deep down inside, I knew that every challenge Amy gave me was the right next step. I am so grateful for our series and all the tools I gained to move forward. After working with her, I am confident, proud, and excited to continue designing my life and building the business of my dreams.

~ Kaye Namba
Life + Business Coach, Desire Map facilitator, Inspirational Blogger | Little Golden Penguin | Los Angeles, USA

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When I started working with Amy, I had a LOT going on in my life, and I was feeling frustrated that I wasn’t moving closer to my business dreams.

Amy’s enthusiasm and support, her willingness to meet me where I was at and to highlight and celebrate all the steps I was taking, even though it felt like I wasn’t moving forwards, had a huge impact on me.

I can honestly say that if it weren’t for Amy’s support and coaching, for her unwavering faith in me and constant encouragement, I think I would have given up on my dreams.

Amy is a natural cheerleader. She sees the best in you. She sees your potential and your gifts; and she believes in you with such passion that when you work with her you can’t help but start to see this – and believe it for yourself too. She has a fierce commitment to self-care, and to helping you develop tools and techniques to manage and tame that inner-mean-girl voice that can often run the show as we start to step up and shine brighter.

Amy holds space for you while step out of your comfort zone and move closer towards your dreams. She gives you the tools and support that empower you to step up and shine in your life + business.

If you are looking for encouragement + accountability…if you are looking for someone to support you while you find the belief and confidence in yourself to go after what you want, then you NEED Amy on your team.

~ Laura Banks
Life Coach + Speaker + Fizzyheart Feeling Follower | Laura Banks | Tasmania, Australia

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Amy came into my life at a time when I didn’t know which way to turn.

I have always been confident in my decisions, motivated and thought I had a well balanced lifestyle – turns out life wasn’t so balanced after all and I was burning the candle at both ends, not knowing which road to take.

In our first session Amy and I set goals that I did not think in my wildest dreams were possible. Every fortnight I would countdown until her encouraging caring and compassionate voice would push me that little bit further in a journey towards my dreams. Working with Amy has regained my life spirit, the bottle is now full again and I have a calm and relaxed approach to life – something I never thought was possible.

Amy is extremely passionate about life and when you work with Amy there is no-one around you would rather hear greet you with “Hello Lovely” than her. I cannot wait to see what this beautiful young spirited women achieves – she is destined for greatness.

~ Carly Cunningham
Personal Trainer and Health and Wellness Coach | Your Way of Life | Port Hedlund, Western Australia

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For the past three months I’ve been blessed to be coached by this kind, radiating and magical goddess.

I’ve always wanted to have a life coach and as soon as I met Amy, I knew that we had to work together.

The love and joy I felt after our first session was so energising. I’ve had a few ‘one off’ sessions with life coaches but nothing compared to my experience with Amy. I loved working with her over 12 weeks as we really got to dig deep with some of the practices. Now every time I’m having a difficult day my friends always ask me ‘So when are you seeing your life coach again?’. They know how much better I feel after the sessions and can see the change in me. 

Amy is the ultimate cheerleader and the girl you want to call a best friend for life. Our sessions were always filled with giggles interluded with wise words and a crap-load of reflection.

~ Sophie Wood
Writer, Editor and Social Media Guru | Sophie Zen | Gold Coast, Australia

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When I saw that Amy had space for a 6 session series I couldn’t put my hand up fast enough.

Amy really made me dig deep with my feelings, face my fears and self doubt, we definitely weren’t there to play small.

Amy’s bubbly, warm and generous personality is contagious, I found myself looking forward to our fortnightly sessions and always felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders at the end of every session.

Amy always picked up on what I needed each session and gave me just that, whether it be soft love, tough love or business advice. Thanks to Amy holding me accountable I achieved some great things that were always in the “too hard” basket. I would highly recommend Amy to anyone!

~Tegan Skinner
Life Coach | Tegan Skinner Life Coaching | Queensland, Australia

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I am utterly grateful to Amy for the incredible coaching series that we have had together.

She puts heart and soul into helping her clients move towards what they really want in life.

She helps you to guide the ship of your life with a steady compass bearing. I was challenged to keep coming back to what I really wanted in my heart and to devise how I was going to get there. Amy calls you out very kindly when you start to go off course.

I see Amy’s star ascending high in the coaching world. Coach with her now, before she’s booked out.

~ Deborah Chalk
Martha Beck Certified Life Coach | Deborah Chalk Life Coaching | Oxfordshire, UK

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I am very happy with the experience and the result of coaching with Amy. It was more than I had expected!

I am blown away by how powerful one on one coaching can really be.

Amy asked beautiful questions that really got me thinking of my situation and certain mindsets, and she allowed me to learn, find and see my own solutions, guiding me to focus on those things that really mattered and helped me realised those things that were really just white noise!

Since coaching with Amy, life is not as overwhelming now, every time I do feel that I am getting so busy and have the feeling of overwhelm I now know how to practice mindfulness. I have learned to look at the bigger picture and ask myself questions that will really align me back to my bigger vision and my goals. I make better choices. I am more self aware and more self loving. I have set beautiful boundaries that help me to become a better mom, wife and entrepreneur.

Amy Mackenzie is a phenomenal coach.

Amy coaches with such passion, love, care and sincerity in every single session. She has a dynamite personality and is definitely a go to cheerleader and the best biz bestie you could ever wish for!

~ Fideliz Cruz
Personal Stylist and Life Coach | Fideliz Cruz | Sydney, Australia

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Amy’s heart-centred and gentle approach to coaching has really supported me through a huge transition period in my life.

With her encouragement, in the short space of 3 months I have happily taken leaps out of my comfort zone and felt more confident in my business.

Amy has helped me to see my successes and take the time to acknowledge them and be proud. She has provided a loving space for me to share my ideas, concerns and dreams and guided me towards my own answers and solutions.

Having someone as cheerful, positive and wise as Amy as your personal cheerleader is priceless!

~ Lisa Godlee
Integrative Nutrition Health Coach | Shine Bright With Wellness | Gold Coast, Australia

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Working with Amy has been such a delight.

With her support and guidance I have been able to show up in my business and life with more confidence and have learned how to tune into my intuition more.

Amy has pushed me out of my comfort zone and made me feel more at ease with feeling vulnerable.

I will be forever thankful for all the amazing coaching sessions we have had together.

~ Jodie Mathews
Writer, Finance Manager and Mentor | Jodie Leanne | Sydney, Australia

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When we first started working together, I was feeling paralyzed by my fear of stepping out into the world.

I was feeling unfulfilled in many aspects of my life and in need of the support and guidance of someone who believed in me and could keep me connected to my “why.

Amy was everything I needed and more! Her vibrant energy, encouragement and positivity is contagious and has been instrumental in me moving forward and designing the life of my dreams.

By the end of my series, she had helped me overcome self-doubt, find my voice and take control of my happiness and my business. She is a game changer and was made to do this work.

~ Brittany Cochran
Life Coach, Writer + Speaker | Brittany Cochran | Ohio, USA

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Amy is a gifted coach and a wonderful woman.

Working with her has been an absolute blessing.
I find it easy to lose my balance between life and business and with each and every call Amy helped guide me back to a place of gentle, loving self-care and balance.

A place where I could achieve my business goals, but also make time to rest, recover, nurture and look after myself. The work we’ve done together has helped me take steps forward with my self-care and self-work that I wouldn’t have had the courage to do without her support, and the flow on effects from shifting to a more ease-filled approach to my business have been powerful.

There aren’t enough words in the world to share how much I love, adore and appreciate Amy. She’s been a shining light for me during our coaching together and I feel so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her.

~ Sarah Jensen
Coach, Writer + Podcaster | Sarah Jensen | Adelaide, South Australia

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Amy Mackenzie is like a cross between a breath of fresh air and a firecracker, who somehow manages to show up in your life as your greatest cheerleader.

In a world where business owners can often feel that their time is dominated with endless ‘to do’ lists, Amy makes it her mission to ask you how you want to feel about your journey, and takes great delight in keeping you accountable.

She has a heart centred approach to her work that is not only genuine, deep and compassionate, it’s also an authentic representation of how she insists on living her own life. Amy leads by example and she’s not afraid to tell you where she’s stumbled, fallen and dusted herself off. I have enormous love, respect and admiration for the way that she magnifies her own light by celebrating her clients and her contemporaries.

I’ve been a counsellor for 18 years and a kinesiologist for the past 10 years, and in this time, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting many talented therapists. Amy Mackenzie stands out for all her wonderful paradoxes and is just as intuitive as she is intellectual. She is equal parts vulnerable as she is confident and is incredibly powerful yet humble at the same time.

~ Patty Kikos
Counsellor, Kinesiologist + Chakra & Energy Healer | Patty Kikos | Sydney, Australia

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 My coaching series with Amy has been one of enlightenment and inspiration.

Amy was incredible in supporting and guiding me in setting my goals and actions – and when I re worded those goals and had a huge “A-Ha” moment , she was truly excited and enthusiastic in my huge leap forward.

Amy is a true cheerleader – authentic & wise and not forgetting to keep it fun and real !!!!

I am so ready to burst into 2017 knowing that with Amy’s fabulous insights I can create a life and biz full of the abundance that I deserve, mixed with freedom and fun and endless opportunities. Big Thanks Amy !!!!!!

~ Jude Butcher
Life & Heart Coach, Blogger + Mentor | Zest Coaching | Dubbo, Australia

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I’m SO glad I chose to work with Amy (not only because she’s a friggen angel and it was so much fun) but also because she’s the REAL deal when it comes to building a successful business with a genuine mission.

Since working with Amy I’m much more in-tune with my mission and am so much more comfortable to communicate it shamelessly with the world, both in casual conversation and getting loud on social media —and thank goodness because it’s allowing me to start doing what I’m actually here to do!

She guided me through an unexpectedly shifting journey into myself and my truth, while also offering me invaluable biz wisdom so I can actually SHARE that truth and have an impact. Working with Amy was a wild and beautiful journey and I cannot recommend her enough

~ Victoria Bauman
Coach, Writer + Meditation Advocate | Victoria Bauman | Bali, Indonesia

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Working with Amy is the best thing I have done for both myself and my business. Amy has a very structured but gentle approach that always allows you to leave your sessions feeling uplifted rather than overwhelmed.

I will be forever grateful for my series with Amy. She has helped me to be a proud and confidant business owner, wife and friend.

Her honest opinion and guidance on both personal and business goals are easy to work with and encouraging. She is very aware of not pushing to hard and also knowing when to say “just do it”.

Her compassion and empathy for challenging situations allows you to really open up and share your deepest fears and concerns. I  could not recommend more highly working with Amy, it has changed the way I  think about myself and my business.

I will never forget the 3 months I had with this incredible woman in my life and on my side.

~ Chelsea Neems
Crossfit Gym Owner | Crossfit Marquise | Central Coast, Australia

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Working with the beautiful Amy from Designing Her Life has been an amazing, life changing experience for me.

I have learnt so much more than I could have ever imagined – not only about business but even more so about me. Amy has the ability to bring out the absolute best in people, she is one of the most genuine and caring people I’ve had the privilege of knowing.

Not only is she my life & business coach she is now truly a very dear friend – that’s probably the biggest bonus from our three months together. Amy has shown me how important it is to be true to myself, how to be authentic in the way I show up in the world and most of all how important it is to love who I am.

I would recommend Amy for anyone who is looking for a beautiful soul to shine some light in their lives.

~ Kylie Sbrugnera
Cafe Owner | Bay Organics | Central Coast, Australia

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I loved my time with Amy. Through her I really had a virtual friend and business mentor and she helped me through a really tough time in my life. Amy managed to whip my mentality into shape.

I started our series feeling overwhelmed, lacking confidence in my professional abilities and confused about my life direction. I finished it with so much more clarity and am taking slow, but steady steps towards a life of my own design.

I’m grateful for her guidance, encouragement and support. She’s the bomb.

~ Nadia Laws
The Media Maven – Nadia Laws | Bermuda

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Hustle w/ Heart Clients

Amy is the business bestie you never knew you had!

She is here to lovingly guide, support and inspire you to be the best you can be and see the infinite potential of your business.

She will honestly and passionately guide you through business overwhelm and help you set some clear goals to get your hustle on!

Always with a huge smile and with a heart of gold there is no one else I would want to coach with!

~ Hazel Louise | Holistic Life Coach | Her Beautiful Soul | Adelaide, South Australia

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I was feeling stuck in relation to the next steps in my business. I had a lot of ideas but needed some clear direction.My session with Amy helped me to feel energized and get out of that rutt!!

We were able to really get stuck in to creating actions and steps for me that were challenging, but ended up getting me further in my business plan that I had imagined I would be!!

I finished my Heart + Hustle sessions with a clear sense of direction and a real sense of achievement.

Amy is so giving and supportive as a coach. I really couldn’t recommend working with Amy more.

~ Aimee Wilson | Life Coach | Hello Yes Life Coaching | Victoria, Australia

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Group Coaching Clients

Amy’s mastermind came at a time that I craved the support of other sisters around me.

Not only did I find support, but I found a sacred space that allowed me to shed fears, doubts, and anxieties that I was having in both my life and business.

So often we find ourselves in a place in our journey that is best walked with others holding us accountable to come back to who we are and remind us of the magic that we have within ourselves. Together with Amy’s guidance and the ladies that I was fortunate to have met in the mastermind, I was able to feel rooted again and ready to move forward in both my life and business.

~ Kaye Namba | Life + Business Coach, Desire Map facilitator, Inspirational Blogger | Little Golden Penguin  | Los Angeles, USA

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The mini mastermind sessions with Amy were more than I expected and have given me such a focus for both myself and my business.

Amy is warm, genuine and inclusive.

I would recommend Amy to anyone who would like to gain some insights into themselves or their business.

I felt accountable for myself and supported the entire way through. The group of beautiful women who I shared this experience with are ones I hold dearly.

~ Tracey Gillis Sinclair | Holistic Kinesiologist | The Yutari Tree | Central Coast, Australia

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If you have the opportunity to work with Amy I encourage you to make it happen. This is a powerful woman with the perfect blend of heart and hustle.

She will embrace you and your goals and support you to the end and back as you journey together through the coaching process.

Her clarity and insights are invaluable and will leave you motivated and taking inspired action. Meanwhile she is gifted at making the process fun and light but won’t shy away from the deeper, more serious moments when they happen.

Amy creates an environment of pure magic for the solopreneur seeking to make their mark on the world – outcome focused with a whole lotta wisdom, heart and inspiration. Can’t thank her enough for all she did for me and highly recommend her to anyone who is drawn to work with her.

~ Justine Peacock | Intuitive Coach, Energy Healer + Teacher | Justine Peacock | Sydney, Australia

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There are few people in this world who were born to do what they do, but Amy truly has a gift as a born communicator.

The woman has this talent for reading people, uncovering a persons unique gifts and empowering them to live their dreams. Anything is possible in Amy’s world, and anyone who gets to work with her is gifted with the same. My business and my life feel limitless and I know a large part of that is due to Amy’s influence, and I’ll never take that for granted. She’s truly my go-too gal.

~ Katie Dean
Writer + Mindset Maven |  Your Wild Life | Newcastle, Australia


Working with Amy in our mastermind group has been without a doubt one of the best opportunities I have given myself this year.

It is SO much more than catch up; it’s inspiration, laughs and a beautiful sense of sisterhood. I can show up as exactly who I am and know that I’ll leave clear headed and with a spring in my step!

Amy has an innate sense of being able to cut through the BS you’re telling yourself, to get to the truth of what you really need to do as the next step. She is fantastic at knowing what will support you the most and how to guide you with grace.

The energy she creates in the group is always of the utmost integrity, compassion and dedication. Plus she is just hilarious!

I am so super thankful to have my girl gang by my side. You beauties have added to my life in ways I didn’t even know I was missing!

Thank you Amy for making it all happen!

~ Kate Pauwels
Newcastle, Australia

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Our business mastermind with Amy has become a non-negotiable investment in my business and in myself.

Connecting with like-minded women who understand the roller coaster ride of being an entrepreneur has not only helped me navigate a huge transition period within my business, it’s helped keep me sane and grounded. Amy and the women in our group have become my sounding board for ideas, my reality check when I’m struggling with a decision and my mirror for those times when I get stuck up in my own head. I honestly can’t remember how I managed within my business prior to having this sense of sisterhood, support and connection that Amy has fostered.

~ Niki Hennessy | Conscious Communications | Newcastle, Australia

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