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Today’s Change Maker is the beautiful Nichola Veitch.

Nichola and I had one of those very special moments where the right place at the right time (and a little organising + effort) brought us together. We are both members of the Bright Eyed Blog Hearted community and while travelling overseas for 6 months I reached out to see if any of the ladies were near the area in Scotland, as I was very homesick and needing some time spent with a likeminded lady. Nichola was that beautiful lady who responded and eventually we were able to meet up in the beautiful town of St Andrews. 4 hours have never flown by so quickly! As the staff started to pack up around us we reluctantly moved outside to say our goodbyes. It was only 1 in person meet up but a friendship built for life and I have been inspired + empowered through Nicholas work ever since.

I am so excited to share this special woman with you and let her uplift and inspire you through her experiences + insights. Please welcome the lovely Nichola Veitch …

What does living an inspired lifestyle mean to you?

Living an inspired lifestyle involves creating, whether in the form of writing, class / workshop planning, or creating content for my website. Teaching yoga inspires me, the people I work with and the changes they experience through yoga amazes me and keeps me learning, sharing and teaching all that yoga has to offer. To keep the inspiration flowing, time away from work is necessary for my mind to wander and space for ideas to emerge. Feeling inspired is a light, energized, happy feeling that leaves me with a wonderful sense of achievement. As long as I’m feeling that way, I know I’m on track.

How do you create change in your life and/or business?

Change always comes about slowly, usually much slower than I’d like. It starts with daydreaming, allowing ideas to flow and writing them down, imagining what the changes would look like and feel like, then the seed is planted. My intention is set and my actions guided to bring about change. It’s a gradual thing.

What challenges have you faced along the way?

Lack of confidence has been an enormous challenge for me and still is.  I often have the feeling of not knowing enough that holds me back. However, that feeling keeps me engaged, actively learning and reflecting on my own practice, what I teach and why. As long as it feels good I keep sharing what I learn.

When did you first know you were meant for something more and how did you take the leap?

Working in the corporate world I felt I couldn’t be myself; I didn’t fit in. While I was doing well in my career, it was soul destroying and I wasn’t happy. During the 12 years of work I explored other careers, studied and completed diploma after diploma. I knew I was meant to follow a different path.

I began teaching a couple of yoga classes a week, over time I was asked to take on more classes, students requested private yoga sessions with me and I had more opportunities than I had spare time. As I continued my training I started to offer yoga classes for different groups; pregnancy and post-natal yoga, children’s yoga, vinyasa flow. I loved it and didn’t think of teaching as work, it felt amazing.  I eventually made the leap into self-employment and while it took some adjustment and lifestyle changes, I’ve never regretted the decision.  I love what I do!

If you could change one thing in the world what would it be?

I would love for people to be more kind to one another and less judgmental. We all want the same things; to be happy and healthy, so let’s want that for each other too.  Also, for the media to stop providing information regarding individuals lives for everyone else to judge.

If you were to give one piece of advice to someone who is ready for more but holding back through fear of the unknown, what would it be?

In the words of Marie Forleo “Start before you’re ready”. I’ve spent so much time preparing, thinking and planning in an attempt to feel ready. My biggest lesson is that ‘ready’ never comes. The only way forward is to start, once you’re working towards your goals you begin to learn more, your confidence grows and gradually you start to make progress. Maybe you’ll never feel ready, but while you’re busy getting ready life moves on around you and eventually someone else does the thing you’re preparing for, or you miss out on an opportunity. So my advice is to start, right now. Small steps, keep going, sharing what’s in your heart and you’ll feel so much happier and achieve more than you imagined possible in the process.

Is there a person or experience that inspired change in your life, if so who and what?

With the birth of my son, the love and gratitude I feel for my life, for my family has forever changed me. I’m yet to see how that will manifest in my life, but I sense changes are coming.

What are your top 3 ways to stay inspired?

I’m an avid reader and love diving into a new book, there’s so much inspiration on offer and I particularly love reading about other people’s personal journeys, what they learnt and what they have to share with the world.

I regularly attend Yoga teacher training with Shiva Rea, which reignites my passion for yoga and teaching every time. The connections made with like-minded souls lights me up. Online yoga classes introduce me to new teachers and inspire my personal practice.

Spending time in nature helps to create space in my mind and refreshes me.  It’s something I do daily and have come to value more and more for its meditative effect.

What is one thing people don’t know about you?

I manage pain every day.  I have a back injury caused by an accident that occurred over fifteen years ago. That accident was a turning point in my life that led me on a journey of healing through yoga, nutrition and natural health remedies.

Highlights Reel:

I absolutely loved connecting with Nichola and getting to know all of these beautiful insights into her life, passions + beliefs. A couple of my biggest takeaways were:

  • I love how Nichola mentions time away from her work is part of living an inspired lifestyle. Such an important reminder for all of us working in a job that we love. We still MUST have time away to stay inspired.
  • Nichola shares how she has used one of her challenges as a tool for growth – so so special to be able to do this.
  • I love Nichola’s (and Marie’s) advice on starting before you’re ready. Sometime’s you just have to start before you know the next step.

I’d love to hear what your biggest takeaways or inspirations were from Nichola’s interview? Please share away in the comments below.


nichola 3Nichola is a heart centred yoga teacher, reiki practitioner and health coach in training.

Her soul purpose is working with people who are ready to make a change to their life, whether that’s improving their physical health, mental wellbeing, or upping their inspiration and joy.

She is passionate about sharing the magic of yoga and a healthy lifestyle to support a happy, balanced life. Her aim is to guide you to slow down, let go, and reconnect to yourself, paving the way for a life you love that loves you back!

Continue to connect with Nichola via her Website and Facebook page.