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Today’s Change Maker is the Divine Sammie Fleming.

I had seen Sammie’s incredible energy + soul, shining online, as we are both beautiful you coaches + have mutual friends but earlier this year I got to meet her in person at the BYCA coaching awards and she was even more incredible in real life. I really love connecting with women who are living their truth and Sammie is definitely one of these people.

I am so excited to be able to share with you her experiences + insights in this interview.
Sit back, relax + enjoy this inspired ride. Please welcome the beautiful Sammie Fleming…

What does living an inspired lifestyle mean to you?

Living an inspired life to me means living a life on my own terms.  It means discovering what lights me up, and then bringing that into my every day.  It means living a life I have consciously (co)created and continue to create,  a life where I allow the space to receive inspiration, and then allow the space to act on that inspiration.

What challenges have you faced along the way? How have you, or are you overcoming them?

The biggest challenge for me has been doubt.  Although I know in my heart of hearts that this is my path, there are moments where I question whether I can do this, or continue doing this.  Or I ask – who am I to guide women into a more joyful, calm life? When I am standing in my truth its crystal clear and there is no doubt, but then of course there are moments where those thoughts resurface.  I’m not sure if those thoughts – the sneaky work of the ego – ever really disappear.  Perhaps they are not meant to.  Perhaps it’s an eternal test to make sure we really mean what we say, that we are truly on the right mission.

At times I’ll overcome those thoughts in an instant, remembering I am exactly where I am supposed to be.  Other times, it’ll take much (!) longer, and I’ll often reach out to one of my girls, seeking that support we so need as girl bosses.  Each and every time so far, whether I’ve thought it through in my own mind, asking those difficult questions, or whether I have broken it all down with one of my sisters, I always come back to that truth that it’s all perfect, exactly as it’s supposed to be.

When did you first know you were meant for something more and how did you take the leap?

I have always felt a call within myself to do something big. But what exactly that was remained unclear to me for a long time. I’ve dreamt for years of a job where I could “talk to people about how they were feeling” all day, every day.  But it took a few years to articulate what that really looked like for me.  

A huge part of my childhood was spent with my nose in a book – I would literally read anything I could get my hands on. I was drawn to gypsy fairs and shop windows filled with crystals. I was taught visualisation and conscious positive thinking at a young age. The walls of my teenage bedroom were adorned with affirmations, and I began scouring the self-development book section as soon as I was old enough to shop on my own, so this work has always been in me.

It took a few years of working jobs after finishing uni that weren’t fulfilling me, and to really embody that discontent, to know I wanted more.  By some miracle, after years of scouring the internet for courses that would teach me what I so desired to learn, I stumbled across the Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy.  

And so this path began!  Hoorah!

If you could change one thing in the world what would it be?

I know it can be difficult right now to watch the ways of the world, especially for those sensitive hearts.  Sometimes I can almost literally feel my body hurting for all of the pain and fear that exists out there.  If I could change one thing in the world it would be that we all live from a place of love, not fear.  If we all felt and lived with compassion, our planet would be a very different place to be.

If you were to give one piece of advice to someone who is ready for more, but holding back through fear of the unknown, what would it be?

Take that first step.  You don’t have to do it ALL right now.  Just one teeny-tiny-step in the right direction.  Take the class, call her, sign up for the course, publish that blog.  Believe me, momentum creates momentum.  So that one step, although it may seem small, will be the beginning of many.

Is there a person or experience that inspired change in your life, if so who and/or what?

My man, Stevie.  He is a musician and has been for his whole adult life.  A job that many would deem “unrealistic” is his reality and watching him LOVE what he does inspired me to find the courage to find that for myself.

What are your top 3 ways to stay inspired?

Yoga.  I cried on the way home from my first class (many years ago now!) because I knew this was something I needed in my life.  I love the way the practice reflects back to me what I need, and how I’m currently feeling.  Each time I practice, move and shift the energy around my body, I feel more clarity, calm and on purpose and that is something I’ll always keep going back for.

Stillness and space.  When I don’t devote to these practices, I notice myself lacking inspiration or feeling overwhelmed.  Even just a few minutes of stillness and space will bring me back into my heart, and will often be the catalyst for clarity.

Time spent with people on a similar mission.  Conversations with people who are devoted to bringing their light into the world, as well as growing themselves, give me so much energy.

What is one thing people don’t know about you (it can be something fun, a fear, or something close to your heart – whatever you would like to share)?

I love nothing more than some sexy RnB.  Instead of listening to podcasts and meditations, you’ll often find me blasting Usher and Drake and of course my number one lady Beyonce .  


Highlights Reel:

I absolutely loved connecting with Sammie and getting to know all of these beautiful insights into her life, passions + beliefs.

Gosh there were so many nuggets of gold in this interview + I have highlighted quite a few standout messages but a couple of my biggest takeaways were:

  • When Sammie spoke about living an inspired lifestyle she not only mentioned allowing the space for inspiration but also the space for to act – I really love that because it truly does take both.
  • Momentum creates Momentum – Amen sista! Take that step!!!
  • I really love that in Sammie’s Partner following his dreams, that has inspired her to follow hers too. Surround yourself with people who lift you up!

I’d love to hear what your biggest takeaways or inspirations were from Sammie’s interview? Please share away in the comments below.


sammie-1Sammie is a life coach and Reiki healer.  She loves guiding women who are feeling stuck, stressed or overwhelmed – into a life of calm, ease, connection and clarity.

Her mission is to guide women who are feeling disconnected from their true, joy-filled selves, back to that blissful state of knowing that they are absolutely enough, right now, just as they are.

She is obsessed with the moon and weaves her passion of feminine cycles into her coaching, allowing her clients to understand, honour and align with their own rhythms.

A hopeless romantic, she strives to live a life of joyful balance, on her own terms – and continually questions what that really means to her.

She has a Bachelor of Communications and is a qualified and certified Beautiful You Life Coach.

Sammie believes that we are all worthy of calm, love-filled, beyond our wildest dreams lives and adores nothing more than supporting women back to that sweet, sweet place.

Continue to connect with Sammie over on her WebsiteFacebook and Instagram