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Today’s Change Maker is the gorgeous Ainslie Young from Starting with A.

Ains and I met through the Beautiful You Coaching Academy and have connected ever since. I love her realness + authenticity. This is a woman who has so much to share with the world and has a plan to make it happen. Showing up as herself + empowering others to do the same.

I am so excited to share this amazing woman with you and let her uplift and inspire you through her experiences + insights. Please welcome the lovely Ainslie Young…

What does living an inspired lifestyle mean to you?

Living an inspired lifestyle means to live with passion and purpose everyday. Not to get sucked into ‘Ground Hog’s Day’ and to intentionally inject joy and fun into my life.
I constantly want to grow, expand and push myself out of my comfort zone. I’m hungry to have new life experiences, meet awesome people and have deep, soulful conversations.
As I get older I truly appreciate every day and I want to squeeze as much out of my life!

How do you create change in your life and/or business?

I create change and experience growth in both my life and business by constantly setting new and inspiring goals. I’m also really big on having guiding words or feelings that support you throughout a year. For 2016 I intend to feel and experience expansion and devotion across all areas of my life.

What challenges have you faced along the way?

Oh there have been so many, especially over the last few years!

Deciding to close my previous company, which was a designer handbag label, that I ran with my sister was a huge challenge that required a lot of soul searching and faith. But we trusted our intuition and it all worked out (even though I still feel a little sad about it).

Another significant challenge was uprooting my nice life in Sydney to move to Hong Kong with my husband. I arrived with no job, no business and no friends and for a few months life was quite awful! But I worked hard to create positive change in my life and living abroad has been the best thing that I’ve ever done! It truly was a turning point.

When did you first know you were meant for something more and how did you take the leap?

I remember sitting at my desk in my corporate marketing role and thinking, “Is this it?” I had everything to be thankful for including a fantastic job that allowed me to travel the world, my husband and I had recently bought our first home, I had a supportive family, and a great group of friends but something was missing.

I felt like I wasn’t really adding value to the world and I had all these talents (that I wasn’t sure of at the time) that needed to be unleashed and my current life wasn’t allowing this.

This is when my sister and I decided to start our designer handbag label and launch ourselves into the world of entrepreneurship! It was such a wild, fun and challenging time and although it didn’t work out how we envisaged, it was the key to unlocking the life that I wanted to live.

If you were to give one piece of advice to someone who is ready for more but holding back through fear of the unknown, what would it be?

Just Start! What ever you’ve been dreaming about, take one small step towards it. As clichéd as it sounds, often the first step is the hardest and once that’s out of the way, you’re on a roll! AND if it doesn’t turn out the way you’d hoped, it’s just a ‘plot change’ in the script that is your life. Just keep going and trust that it will all work out!

Is there a person or experience that inspired change in your life, if so who and what?

My husband has inspired positive change in my life (even though sometimes I don’t like to admit it!). He is the complete opposite to me and his laidback attitude across life and business has definitely shaped me for the better (I’m not as stressed as I used to be!). Plus he is a pure optimist, which helps me to keep thinking big and to seek out exciting opportunities.

What are your top 3 ways to stay inspired?

I set an intention every day and visualise how I want my day to unfold.

Connect with and surround myself with like-minded and inspiring souls who are here to do big things in the world.

Reflect on my achievements, big and small, and remind myself that I CAN continue to live a life full of intention, purpose and passion.

What is one thing people don’t know about you (it can be something fun, a fear, or something close to your heart – whatever you would like to share)?

I can’t wink (you should see me try and use an SLR camera!) and I cannot shuffle a deck of playing cards to save myself! You won’t see me working at a casino!

Highlights Reel:

I absolutely loved connecting with Ainslie and getting to know all of these beautiful insights into her life + business. A couple of my biggest takeaways were:

  • I loved how Ainslie uses guiding words + feelings to support her throughout the year + to create change.
  • Ains’ advice re: “Plot Twist’ if you take a chance and it doesn’t work out is the best. It really is as simple as that.
  • When Ainslie shared that reflecting on her achievements is one of the ways she stays inspired. Amen sista!

I’d love to hear what your biggest takeaways or inspirations were from Ainslie’s interview? Please share away in the comments below.


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Ainslie Young is a Life and Blog Coach, passionate traveller and author of the eBook ‘Wanderlust – Enhance, Enrich & Expand Your Life Through Mindful Travel.’

Ainslie helps spirited women boldly step up and step out of their cozy little comfort zones so they can live the life that they truly desire. She’ll have you experiencing life as an excited ‘tourist’ everyday and feeling giddy about what your future holds.

Ainslie whole-heartedly believes in creating and living an extraordinary life that is full of adventure, freedom, growth and joy. Through her inspiring and true-to-life blog you will see Ainslie as your personal campaigner for living your own version of an extraordinary life.

Come and say hi at Starting With A where Ainslie shares tips and tricks on creating an extraordinary life and follow her Hong Kong based adventures. You can also find her chilling out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @ainslieyoung.