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About Designing Her Life

Hi Gorgeous Girlbosses!

I am so glad that the universe worked her magic + brought you here.

Together we can bring your dreams to life. But first let me tell you a little bit about Designing her Life + this online hub created for women just like you.

Designing her life began as an inspirational outlet on social media on July 1st 2014, a space to share quotes, stories + inspire others along the way. Quite quickly I decided to turn it into a blog too + enrolled in Bright-eyed Blog-hearted, which lead me down the path of building a website + starting to imagine what could be possible.

I had always imagined I was here for something bigger, challenged the status quo + wanted more for myself + others around me too.

And so in 2015 I decided to take the leap + study to become a life coach with Beautiful You Coaching Academy + start my own business. Fast forward to now, 2017 + I am blessed to have coached + mentored countless inspired entrepreneurs + girl bosses from all around the world.

Designing her Life has grown into so much more then I first imagined.

Now it is about building a brand + community that provides emotional support + resources for women on the entrepreneurial path so that they can succeed in their own dreams + business too.

Who is Designing her Life for?

Women who have a new business or passion project to share with the world, both online + offline.

Creative Business Owners

Heart Centred Coaches

Big Dreaming Change Makers

All women looking to build their business from the foundations, up.

Focusing less on the destination + more about how you want to feel along the journey to getting there.

Since creating Designing her Life I have been able to:


➵ Work full time as a coach with dream clients.

➵ Be an international guest speaker for a Beautiful You Coaching Academy Inspiration Day in San Francisco.

➵ Be featured in numerous digital blogs, magazines + publications.

➵ Connect + collaborate with incredible women in the coaching + online business industry.

➵ Launch an online membership site + community with my biz bestie, for female Solopreneurs.

➵ I have even been an award finalist 5 times for the BYCA awards, including International Coach of the year.

Designing her Life is about emotionally empowering you to blaze your inspired path in the entrepreneurial world. With a mixture of life + basic business coaching, we will walk side by side, navigating the challenges + celebrating the wins together, designing a life + business you love.

{Client Love}


There are few people in this world who were born to do what they do, but Amy truly has a gift as a born communicator. The woman has this talent for reading people, uncovering a persons unique gifts and empowering them to live their dreams. Anything is possible in Amy’s world, and anyone who gets to work with her is gifted with the same. My business and my life feel limitless and I know a large part of that is due to Amy’s influence, and I’ll never take that for granted. She’s truly my go-too gal.

– Katie Dean | Writer + Mindset Maven | Your Wild Life | Newcastle, Australia

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